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Anyone else get irritated when you see these types of jobs?

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Linda P Member Since: Aug 1, 2015
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No criticism or hard feelings intended, I would like to elaborate…


What happened in my earlier post, when I first responded to Preston with the question, I had taken what he had said about samples and the Upwork TOS “literally” and had simply asked a question in response to his post. The record was set straight, both by Preston and Petra, which I took as constructive criticism, and for that I am greatly appreciative for their response.


Just for the record,  I have never responded to a client regarding samples, as my post may have suggested, instead I have simply asked the client, in my proposal, to “please review my profile” is such cases.


That does not mean, I will not “test the waters” so to speak, to determine whether or not I can produce the end results being requested by Clients, in fact I do, and in the process have learned many other aspects of online research, other than just researching documents. On the other hand, I do not merely apply for every Job Description I come across, but rather try to carefully choose on which ones to use my “valuable” connections.


I am not a writer, and yes I do understand there are clients who may have a need for samples; however, when the request for such “is not included in the Job Description”, when it states “it is attached”, then I either provide my on little work sample tailored to the information provided in the Job Description, or simply refer them to my profile, which all depends on the type of sample being requested.


By the Way – my specialty is Data Entry/Typing and Researching Documents, which I have been doing for the past 11 years, before coming to Upwork, and am very good at the research which I had been performing; however, there is currently a “down time” in the industry for which I have been working.



In closing I would like to add, I am truly grateful to be able to turn to Upwork during this time. It has and continues to be a learning experience.

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Douglas Michael M Member Since: May 22, 2015
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For whatever it's worth, I have negotiated a thousand-word writing sample for $400, with the understanding that after satisfactory completion, I'll review my personal time logs to determine whether I can continue at that per-word rate or need to adjust it higher or lower.


The agreement was accomplished through some sparse written exchanges, receipt and review of product samples from the client, and a couple of 20-minute phone calls in which we discussed (respectively) the clients' brief, and scope and rate for the trial job.


The point being: Yes, professionally-oriented clients may well seek samples, and should be willing to pay for them within your standard rate range.




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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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You're doing great!

I think you have the right attitude and will be successful as you move forward.


Turning to the community forum before actually doing something if you're unsure what to do makes a lot of sense, regardless of the specific situation.

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Linda P Member Since: Aug 1, 2015
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Thanks for the “You’re doing great!”


In this day and time, everyone needs to receive uplifting comments now and then, to lift their spirits.


We are not perfect, but we can always strive to better ourselves, regardless of the situation.