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Anyone else got this email ? Just curious since I’m not in Texas.

Dear Angie,
We're reaching out because we know a powerful snow storm recently hit Texas and surrounding areas, and there are dangerous conditions and power outages across the nation.

We hope you are coping with the ordeal and wanted to let you know we are here to help since you may not be able to work right now.

We have emailed your clients and explained that the storm is causing conditions and outages that may impact your ability to connect to the internet and work. We encourage you to follow-up with your clients as soon as you can — they may be concerned and would like to hear from you.

Again, our thoughts are with you during this challenging time. If you have any further concerns, please let us know. We are always here to help.

All our best,
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Angie,


I apologies about the delay in following up on your report. I do agree it's odd that you received this email. I'll follow up with our team to check why you received it and ensure the emails have been delivered as expected. Thank you for sharing your experience in the Community!

~ Vladimir
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