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Anyone else notice a massive increase in spam job postings lately?

Some categories are totally useless now because there's so many fake postings that it's not worth searching through. In this example only 4 jobs are legit, the rest are spam. 

I've reported them all but I know the Upwork algorithm won't do anything unless they get a bunch more reports. Hopefully they are working on a system wide fix. 


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Hi Anthony,


Thank you for your message. I have forwarded your report to the relevant team to review and take appropriate action for TOS violation. I do appreciate your effort in keeping the integrity, safety, and quality of the Upwork Marketplace by reporting these jobs to us. Feel free to message us if you need further assistance.


Thank you


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Yes, many have noticed. And many have reported them. And Upwork promptly responds here. And the massive increase never goes down.

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lol Upwork removes the screenshot of their own platform showing all the scam postings. I guess it's easier for them to say they are doing something about it without the actual evidence showing otherwise. 

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