Anyone had any dealings with **? Potentially a warning to anyone else

I was contacted by ** to be invited to an interview. I did this and soon found they wanted to conduct the interview on Yahoo messenger. It was fairly professional but they then asked me for bank details and contact information including address. This is totally irregular and of course you should always go through Odesk in order to get some protection, but I'm highlighting that it seemed very odd/dodgy to me. The only reason I took it as far as I did was because they were offering a reasonable rate but I kept in the back of my mind that it could be a scam. I don't know whether it IS a scam or not, but the fact they are willing to go outside of Odesk so quickly concerns me. I got the job, and I eventually got them to agree for me to work through Odesk to begin with, but I am yet to hear from them. I suspect I shall not here from them again either. SO... watch out, and be careful! Ed *"Removed by admin"

Hi Edward, When I hear the 'Yahoo Messenger' thing, it's pretty much a red flag to me. I'm not saying that clients won't ever use messenger to interview, but most clients that I know use Skype. Of course you should never share personal details with these people. It's absolutely unnecessary for them to know bank and address details and so you can safely assume that it's a scam. Also, offering to work outside of oDesk goes against the rules. Another red flag. You most probably won't hear from them again. You should report them to customer support. On a brighter note, my family are from Grenada.