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Anyone have experience with dissapearing clients?

Hello all,


I've been using UpWork seriouly for a few months now. Created relationships with two really awesome clients and was feeling pretty good about it. Then suddenly, one I had a weekly-hour contract with seem to just dissapear, no messages, no activinty on UpWork that I can see. Its been three weeks. Then, my other client did the same, with one open and funded job submitted for review.


I am just wondering if this kind of thing happens a lot on UpWork. It's very possible they will respond/come back shortly but the situation seems odd to me, or maybe it's not so odd for online freelance work. Any ideas or suggetsions would be appreciated.



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Yes, experiencing the same thing. In fact created ticket about it...still no reply.
Contract randomly disapeared with Error 500 N appearing

How long did you let it sit before opening a ticket?

Oh, I opened it the next day. I've read people reporting it and staying without work ffo days....
Its been 3 days so far...and i've only got one reply that my case got excalated to tech team....that all )
This never happened before....

If the client doesn't want to respond, Upwork can't force them, so there's no point in opening a ticket about it. Just submit your work and you'll get paid automatically. 

The 500 N issue is not related to clients actions. It seems a technical error with UpWork.
My client certainly didn’t take any actions, I’ve been working with him for years.

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Disappearing clients are just a fact of life on Upwork. After a few weeks of no communication close a project and move on to other clients who do communicate and are paying you for your services.


I have been on Upwork and its predecessor for many years and would guess that 25% or so of my clients over that time have just disappeared. I would only care if they left me with work provided by me but unpaid for by them, but that is not a problem for me because I only do hourly projects.

Thanks Will, I guess thats a hazard of online national clients, they can disspear whenever they want. Thanks for the info, I will keep that in mind from now on.


Hi Nathan,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I shared your concern with our team and one of our agents already reached out to you directly via a support ticket to assist you further. You can access your ticket on this page.


~ Nikola
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A client who hires me is not obligated to continue hanging out with me.

As a freelancer, I get paid automatically, whether a client disappears or not.

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Sometimes clients will disappear after the job. I always get paid whether they ghost me or not.

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I have completed 330 Jobs and it's very rare to be ghosted. Submit your work and get paid automatically in 14 days provided the client doesn't request a revision. I have had a few Jobs that went 14 days for payment and it's always been the smaller clients and in my opinion either don't understand the site well or are not as professional. Thanks!

If you are dating somebody and they suddenly stop communicating with you, then I think it's fine to say you were "ghosted."


If a freelancer does their work and submits it, and gets paid automatically... I don't think the freelancer has been "ghosted."

Getting paid was the point. It was a business-to-business transaction, not a personal relationship.

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