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Anyone know how to get Expert Vetted?

Hello all,


I've been a Top Rated Plus freelancer for quite some time. I'm looking to hop up to Expert Vetted. I know that they come to YOU for that jump, but I've yet to be approached. I've seen profiles with as little as $30,000 in earnings, when I believe I'm close to the $200,000 mark. 


Does anyone have any advice on what I might be doing wrong and why I'm failing to gain any attention from Upwork in regards to being an Expert Rated profile?


Hi Jamie,


the Expert Vetted badge is invitation-only, meaning we will reach out to you if you qualify. After being invited, you’ll go through a screening process that tests your abilities and professionalism to make sure you have what it takes to be successful as an Expert-Vetted freelancer or agency. Currently, this is available for freelancers and agencies who work in select categories only. You can refer to this help page to learn more about the Expert Vetted badge.


- Pradeep


What are the requirements though? I fit that category and have been an upstanding freelancer for years now. How do they choose people to reach out to, and what can I do to speed up the pace in which I can reach that badge? I'd like to know why individuals with $30,000 in earnings have it when I've several times more with dozens and dozens of satisfied customers.

Thank you for following up, Jamie. The freelancers are invited based on our internal guidelines. We will be unable to share this with the users. The invitation is not based on the amount of earnings alone, but on the overall quality of your work and reputation. I hope this clarifies your query.


- Pradeep

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