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Anyone suffered Un-Authorized Refunds from there accounts?

Hi Friends,


Is there any one who had suffered unauthorized refunds from there accounts in favor of client, no dispute and no alarming signals but one Madiation where mutually 50% refund was already agreed and all done.


Might be I am the only one or any help what should I need to do for the extra 50% unauthorized refunds issued in favor of client.


Note I am saying un-authorized as I never authorized the refund to client and my account had gone into negative state for this reason. Isn't this funny?

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That usually means the client pulled a chargeback.

This is pretty annoying, and how could this happen when its been over 4 months on the last work.


I was having a problem with client as he was asking for more than many things outside the agreed work and once clash started, he pulled a 100% chargebacks?


Doesn't upwork provide guarantee on payments? or its just to satisfy lazy peoples and upwork can't protect false chargebacks? Even where mediation team made both agreed on 50% refund instead of 100%?


I believe upwork needs to clarify a statement on this issue. I have no hope for a good response from upwork but lets see.

Hi Farhan. Only hourly jobs are protected against chargebacks. IF you meet ALL the requirements for hourly protection, then Upwork will take the loss from the chargeback. On fixed-price jobs, the loss from a chargeback is normally passed on to the freelancer.


To me it seems grossly unfair that Upwork doesn't involve the freelancer in defending against the chargeback, by telling the freelancer what the complaint is and giving the freelancer a chance to provide a statement to be passed to the credit card company. That said, I don't know how the chargeback system works from the point of view of the merchant, i.e. Upwork in this case. I once made a successful chargeback of my own against a scamming internet vendor, and of course I had to give my bank good reasons for the chargeback. I assume these reasons were passed on to the merchant who (if genuine) could have defended against them. Althought technically Upwork may be the merchant, in practice it's the freelancer who is obliged to return the money, so it seems like natural justice that the freelancer should be told the reasons for the chargeback and have a chance to respond to them.

Well the question here is false charge backs.

At this moment what I am understanding from your point of view is that in either case Upwork is just doing fraud with the freelancer's if they can't defend the case and not even let them defend.

The proof of delivery for work is in upwork, and what upwork means for any freelancer is that they will guarantee the money to freelancer and to employee the work delivered by upwork.

When the simplest question is answered that the work is delivered (which is a proof in upwork chat) and client accepts and releases payment than I believe its upwork who needs to defend freelancer from there.

In my case I am not seeing anything supportive in favor of freelancers. A big question mark on the brand name upwork which is found to claim giving guarantee to freelancers and on other hand this unjustified behavior is in front of everyone.

Lets assume client who succeeded in chargeback and I freelancer wants to proceed to legally with proof and have ability to claim the funds sufficiently who here will be the one I need to contact? At this moment the case from me should be against Upwork who failed to guarantee of there comitment.

What to do is in question here?
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