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Anyone who fears or frustrates

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I created an account 4th June.

And I had totally zero profile. No jobs. No jss. No rising talents.

So without other benefits you can capture clients only by:
1) profile

2) cover letter


For profile there are a lot of helpful advices here check forum and FAQ links. I dont want to repeat them. But when I started I was really concerned about how-to: cover letters. So here we are.

1) Your first goal - CLIENT HAVE TO BE 100% SURE that your cover letter hasn't any copy-paste at all.

ex: If job is "javascript blablabla" - dont write in cover letter "I had a lot of exp with php, wp, ror, jquery blablab" just say "I had a lot of exp with javascripts, and also have similair task, when i do job_desc with using job_libraries_user and"
2) Second goal - dont try to be cheap or omg free, really no needs to bid 10$ when job is for 100$ - if you are specialist - its comletely wrong. But in case you know that your main minus for now - 0 jobs, 0 jss, you can make discount like 10-20% and offers ~80$. It can shows that you are understand what kind of stuff are happening here.
3) ALWAYS sent time info like "I can start right now (in 2-3 hours) and I can complete it today (tomorrow, in 3 hours after hire) - dont be lazy, check clients' time and speak in _his_ time. Like "I will complete it untill 10 am your timezone".
4) And yes, that is only 4th goal - sent details information about task, using libraries, examples, some info - get him understand, that you really know what you are talking about.

It was worked for me, but Im not promising, that it will work for everyone. Just tried to help, cause I remember how I was depressed, when I spent half connects and get not even one interview.

BTW - spent connect wisely, only job what you can 100% make good and fast. Check that there are no one was hired in the job and make proposal then. Your goal is get top ranked, dont let yourself make mistake even once. 95% a bit better than 92%. 100% x100 better than 99%.


p.s. sorry for worst english ever.

p.s.s We haven't problem_looking_for_fix service here. It is people_looking_for_help service. And yeah it is important.

I believe in you, if I could - you can too. Don't give up.

Community Guru

This is good advice and is NOT "worst English ever". You're clearly not a native speaker, but you're not claiming to be, and the very useful information you've offered is quite easy to understand.

Community Guru

Thanks for offering the advice and supportive words for others who might be new to the process! I especially like #3, this one is often missed.