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Anyway to see my client's last log in time ?

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I have done a job for my client and I have already got one milestone payment, but after submitting final work, my client is not responding. I have messaged him so many times, but I guess he is probably busy.


Now, my profile on oDesk is under review process. So, I was supposed to close all my current jobs and I was also willing to close this job and I did. Will my client give me a feedback !! What can I do if he is just ignoring me, so that he will not required to send any further amount ?


May I see that when he last logged in, by this I'll get idea that he is actually busy or not.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Rahul,


I am sory you haven't heard back from your client yet. You will not be able to see when was the last time he logged into his oDesk profile. However, you can politely remind him that you would like to receive his honest feedback about your work. For future reference, it is better to let the client end the contract after you complete the work and receive the payment.


Thank you!

~ Valeria
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Some good advice here from oDesk moderator Valeria...

Let me add a point here, although it wasn't necessarily at the heart of your question, it is alluded to in your experience.


You said you messaged your client "so many times".


I wish you wouldn't do that. It seems undignified.


It is also unnecessary if you use the fixed rate contract model properly. At least it is not necessary in order to get paid.


If you have a fixed rate contract set up, then the client funds the work you do ahead of time, although he doesn't necessarly pay you any until you finish.


Then, when you finish the project or the milestone, you submit it. If he doesn't respond in any way, you will automatically be paid the full amount after 14 days.


So sure, go ahead and send a reminder. There is a button for doing so. What I do is submit the project work, and if I don't hear from the client, I give him a few days to respond. If he doesn't respond at all, I'll use the re-submit button oDesk supplies.


But I do so just once once. Then I just wait to get paid.


The fact that there is a contract hanging there may be a problem. Hopefully, the client was just busy. I can wait. If he needs something later or has questions eventually, I'll ask him to close the previous contract and start a new one, or fund a new milestone before moving on to anything new.

Hi All


If anyone can provide some inputs on the following situation;


I am having 3 fixed price contracts before the introduction of Escrow Protection.


#1 This job was successfully completed & delivered, Client appreciated the work in Message Center.

But since then neither he has paid nor closed the contract in spite of my reminder through Message Center.


#2 This job was running successfully when Client instructed me to apply on his another job post (#3).


#3 This is the same job as job #2.

Both of these jobs were successfully completed and were paid in full. However this Client is also not contactable since over 3 months.


Now oDesk has put my account on temporary hold advising me to complete these open jobs (they have already been completed but not closed by Client, I have the evidence) and not to close these jobs on my own as this is unprofessional practice.


I have provided all the supporting documents to Support Team, but to no consideration.


So what should be the fair practice to overcome this situation?





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Rahul and Manish:
There are many things I like about oDesk, but you are both pointing out something for which there really is no good answer, something which can only be regarded as a huge flaw.

The fact that a contractor can finish work and submit it and be paid for it but then be unable to close the contract without incurring such severe penalties and almost certainly having their account reviewed or suspended is really messed up.

This is unfair to the contractor and it degrades the client experience.

It is perfectly reasonable to expect that a well-intentioned client might do the following:
1. Create job posting on oDesk.
2. Hire contractor.
3. Receive finished work.
4. Pay for the work.
5. Stop using ODesk until the next time he needs some work done.

This is not a malicious or stupid client. This is reasonable.

But with the current policies, such a client is cast as something of a bad guy.

The client must ALSO either hire the contractor to do MORE work, or else the client must figure out how to close the contract (which is neither intuitive nor easy), AND the client must use the feedback system to rate the contractor and he must write comments about the contractor.

And if he does not do all of these EXTRA things AFTER he has received the deliverables he needed, he jeopardizes a contractor's ability to work on the platform. So that makes it likely that the contractor will either continue contacting him, asking him (the client) to do more work, or will complain about him.

Imagine being asked to do all these things after you have eaten a good meal at a nice restaurant, paid your bill, and left a generous tip. Only to have the waiter approach you in the parking lot telling you he will be fired if you don't fill out this feedback form and schedule your next meal. The food was good, but all that stuff afterwards was a pain in the neck. I'm not sure I want to go back there.

Clients do not necessarily know all the arcane and hidden policies of oDesk. They do not necessarily log into oDesk everyday to check messages, and they do not necessarily set their oDesk settings to forward messages to them instantly. Clients do not necessarily provide their regular email address when setting up an account in order to arrange to get a project done.

I don't think that a client should be regarded as a bad client (as is now the case) if he doesn't do all these things exactly as expected, and I don't think that contractors should be penalized for having worked for "imperfect" clients.

This is not a malicious or stupid client. This is reasonable.


Reasonable at what cost? Leaving the contractors in distress of facing warnings and suspensions?

I just concluded a live chat session with oDesk regarding a client who contracted me for a small job couple of months ago, left the contract active and never got in touch again.


oDesk said they would send him an email now; follow up with another email after 48 hours, and if there's still no reply, "take action" against the client until he "settles the issue" with me. That wording at the end gives me the impression that this could end up with a worse outcome for me than just letting the contract be Smiley Frustrated

What's next if Client remains unapproachable? Suffering period of Contractor will increase gradually.


If a client receives work and doesn't pay for it, that is obviously the sign of a dishonest client. But we're not talking about that.


We're talking about a client who pays out all the money owed to the contractor, but doesn't close a contract and leave feedback. And that is simply the sign of a client who isn't familiar with all the intricacies of how oDesk works.


This type of situation is not the contractor's fault, as you know.


I completely agree with you that this is not a good arrangement for the contractor.


All I am trying to say is that this is not necessarily the client's fault either. The client has no way of knowing that if they receive work, and pay the agreed-upon amount for the work (but fail to close a contract or leave feedback), that their actions will cause problems for the contractor.


If this type of thing never happened, I wouldn't bother to mention it. But we know this type of thing DOES happen. We know that after projects are finished, clients may no longer be reachable.


I'm not arguing with you about this. I'm agreeing with you. You and are both in agreement that this type of situation causes problems for contractors, even though the contractors have done nothing wrong.


This is caused by a flaw in oDesk's system which only oDesk can fix. This type of problem is not caused because clients are intentionally trying to cause harm to contractors.


You ask "what's next" for the contractor. Right now, there is no good answer. Leaving a finished contract open will cause problems (including but not limited when it comes time for account review, and all contracts must be closed), and if the contractor himself closes the contract, this causes problems.


So there is no good answer. This is something oDesk should remedy.