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App tester job - is this a scam?

i submitted a proposal for an app tester job that requires no experience. It's a known company so I went through the sign up process until it asked me to pay for the subscription. Turns out I would need to pay for the subscription to be able to use the app. 

Client wants me to confirm that I will finish the checkout process after create a contact on upwork with the amount of the membership for reimbursement and milestone for my feedback.

"Once you do that, we can release the payment for the membership cost and after you complete two sessions, we'll send you a feedback survey to fill out so we can release the feedback milestone."


is this a scam?? 

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I never send proposals to such jobs so I don't know if there are any tricks associated with those kinds of jobs or not.


But you need to be extra careful when you have to pay for something. I said 'extra careful', because it's still possible that the jobs are real.


See here.


Another thing you should know is that if the client is using a stolen card, any amount they pay here will be taken back later.

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