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Apparently Cash Payments are OK

I have flagged a post numerous times over the last 10 days. The client is verified with over $20,000 spent. Since Upwork has not removed the obvious PayPal scam, I am left to assume once a client pays enough into the system it's ok to offer contracts with alternate payment methods such as "You will receive a percentage per transaction and you will be paid in cash."

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CS often does not care or does not understand why something is flagged. Maybe you should publish here more concrete details so that a moderator forwards the info.


It's against the forum rules to point fingers at contracts or clients. That's why I started the thread. Maybe a Mod will pay attention since C.S. isn't. Then again, maybe not and the contract will continue to suck up more proposals.

I would pm one of the mods with all the details.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Steven,


Could you please send me a private message with the link to the job posting? I will follow up with the team.

~ Valeria

It would be helpful for there to be somewhere to include a comment or two when we flag a job or client as inappropriate.  I would never take the time to submit a ticket to report a client.  Who has that kind of time?  There are only a handful of choices to select as the reason.  Sometimes none apply, and sometimes some are not obvious even when they are applicable.  I flag things because it's simple to do, but often the posts remain because the CS person reading the flag has absolutely no idea why I flagged it.


There is just no streamlined way to get useable information to CS.  If you want the system to work, it needs to be simpler.  In the case the OP mentioned, which of the choices below would alert CS to that specific problem?


Contact information included
Asking for free work
Job is in wrong category
Client requesting to work outside of Upwork
Just sayin.


--broken record



I've narrowed the selection down to 3


1) SPAM (Maybe should read SCAM, Paying Outside of Upwork)

2) Asking for free work (1% per transaction, what if no transaction?)

3) Phishing/Fraud (What was their budget offer, before mentioning the 1%?)