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Appen scammer

Please be aware of clients looking for freelance typist, they ask you to talk to someone on Telegraph who then gives you a trial test and you pass it. You then have to pay and insurance fee to show interest in the job. Once job is completed they keep asking for fees to be paid example API, KYC, Salary withdrawal fee. It never ends. Names **Edited for community guidelines**

**Edited for community guidelines**

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They asked for $1700 Euros, Did I read that right?


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Don't communicate with clients outside of UpWork and don't bother with clients who wants you to do unpaid test jobs. If they are not 100% certain with your portfolio they can move on to other freelancers. You can also flag the job post so they could get taken down and never ever start working unless a contract have been made.

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It's high time Upwork had something like an onboarding mail that warned new freelancers that they have to pay fees to the site alone and not any client asking for it.



For everything else -- subscriptions, database, templates specifically required by client for their site or app and finally owned by the client  -- has to be paid by the client seperately in the milestone. 


These two paragraphs will save most of the smarter ones who pay attention from getting scammed.


When they are charging so much for connects before you even land a job, it's the least they can do.


The rest will  continue to get scammed by their greed, refusal to learn how the site works, or disregard for safety rules. 

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And for those who are not familiar with the original Appen (Leapforce), you apply for jobs through their website alone.


I had applied in 2014 to Leapforce (which was acquired by Appen) as an India-based search engine evaluator.


I had to go through a series of tests to get cleared for the project but never did they charge me anything.


It is different thing that I never worked on a project there as I landed my first writing client around the same time.

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Almost happened to me now. I did not buy their reasoning about paying them first to initiate the payment. 

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