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Application Not Submitted

Active Member

Sorry, we were unable to save your application.

This contractor has already submitted a proposal that was declined by the client.


This is the error message I received when trying to submit a proposal. The first proposal that I submitted errored out, and never completed. When I tried again, I received the error message above. Has this happened to anyone else? I know that the proposal never went through because it doesn't show up under the Proposal's tab, nor did I lose any credits.




I noticed that too. I had submitted 23 proposals and only 10 is shown. Why?

Hey Sachin,


Some proposals just disappear recently. Not the exact same issue, as I was not interviewed before they disappeared, but other freelancers too face this issue. I have found the job posting and it even gives an option to apply for it. I reapplied for one of them just to see what is the issue and it says sth like that the proposal was declined by the client. Well, in your case after being interviewed, your proposal is surely not declined, so your post made me more confused about this.

Hi All,

We currently have a known issue which is causing delays with proposals being delivered. Our engineers are working to resolve this as soon as possible, thank you all for your patience.