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Application quota can't increase after passing tests

Hi, My application quota should be 20 after passing 4+ test. I have passed 8 test and still having 2 application in my quota. Reference : https://support.odesk.com/entries/23089721 Regards

Hi Mukesh I passed a test also last week. And I'm still at 2 application quota. I sent a message a few days ago about it in the forums, but haven't gotten a reply yet. Does anyone know if there's something we're missing here? I can't think I have to keep taking tests with no results. Mukesh took 4+ tests. I almost started to take a second test myself, but after reading his post, I'm not sure if it's worth it, especially if I can't apply for gigs here after proving my worth. Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi Mukesh and Andy, Please contact Customer Support to confirm why your quota has not been increased and for further assistance.
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