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Application to a job was declained

When do you receive a notification that says “your application to the job… was declined”?

Recently I have been getting this message a lot and wondering if clients are having a look at my applications at all!

It would make sense if client reviews the application and declines it. Not sure what is the case here.


Something could have changed on oDesk's end, but as far as I know, you only see the message “your application to the job… was declined” if a client actually clicks on your application and manually dismisses you as one of his choices. I thought that message meant the client actually DID see your name in the applicant list, although it doesn't mean he read it or looked at your cover letter or profile.

I have always thought of this as a message that a contractor does NOT receive if a client never makes a decision one way or another about my application, or if the client never even sees my application because it was auto-hidden. So in a way I look at this message as a good thing because at least you know that the client received your application, and you also know that a decision has been made. You also get that slot released back into your job application quota.

Fellow contractors on this forum, help me out here. Am I wrong? Has something changed recently that would account for Rahatur suddenly seeing this message more often?

Only time I have seen that is once when someone thought my price was to high and I got a rejection, but otherwise haven't see anything that would suggest there was some kind of change.

Usually when a job application is declined, is followed by a reason.


Some of the reasons I received are "all positions filled", "project was cancelled", "filled by alternate source", "chose another freelancer" etc.


In all the above cases it’s very unclear whether Client has seen your application or not. May it be a group message sent to all applicants (including ones in hidden tab) upon closing the job by Client.

Manish, that is what I am trying to determine.
Most of the time I get the “Choose another freelancer” message or the reason field empty. That’s what is confusing me.

Upon selecting a freelancer if oDesk sends automated email then that is totally giving wrong impressions.

So oDesk should send an unique message to every applicant stating his specific concern?

When hiring people for jobs I have seen the client-side interface.


There is an option to simply decline somebody's application (essentially dismissing them from the client's active applicant list)... either WITH a reason or WITHOUT.


Presumably declining the applicant WITHOUT a reason sends the generic message, and declining them WITH a reason sends a decline message that indicates that reason.

Hello, what does "declined by client: all positions filled" means?


Thank you!

@Adriana N wrote:

Hello, what does "declined by client: all positions filled" means?


Thank you!

 It means that you were not successful this time round and that the client has hired all the freelancers he needs for the jobs he posted.


ETA: Don' t get put down by this reply - it is standard. I receive dozens of them.

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Hi all,


Just to confirm. Freelacers receive messages about their application being declined when clients decline applications. The client has to select the reason for a decline and has a choice of sending an additional message to the freelancer.



~ Valeria

Does that mean that client had a look and then declined? Or client can declined without having a look?


A client can decline your job application without looking at it carefully. But he has to click on it at least. So he has to see it at least enough to click on it.


As far as I am aware, there is no way to bulk-dismiss applicants.

Let me amend what I said here earlier.

I recently posted a couple jobs and hired people.

I did NOT have time to look at all the applications. I did not specifically click on individual contractors and dismiss or hide or decline their application.

But when I chose a specific contractor and hired her, I was given the option to let oDesk automatically close the job if my contractor of choice accepted the job offer. I checked yes. After that person accepted my job and started working on their contract, I went back to the job listing. All of the applicants were gone from the active applicant list. They were all listed under "withdrawn or declined."

So I now believe that by checking that box, I allowed oDesk to automatically decline all of the other applicants (who I didn't pick). I believe that they ALL received notifications that their job application was declined because the client chose another candidate.

Now, keep in mind that it is ALSO possible to NOT check that box, and leave all the applicants on the still-possible candidate list. In that case, they would probably never receive notification that the position was closed or filled.

But it looks like there IS an "auto-decline" that automatically notifies the applicants who weren't chosen... That functionality is available if clients choose to use it.
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