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Applications -- New Trend?

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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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Candi, I noticed emails from oDesk like that as well. They started arriving about one week ago. So far they were recommended new jobs that "supposedly" were a good match. Unfortunately, I have my own established criteria for selecting clients on oDesk, and the oDesk recommended jobs / clients did not meet that criteria.

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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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Jennifer, I haven't received that many invites per week since 2013. Actually, that's about how many I used to get per month! Members really don 't have a clue as to how things actually work on oDesk...or don't....

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Chris K Member Since: Apr 8, 2015
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What is happening is that if you are invited to a job, then you don't have to use connects.  Clients are catching on that they will not get a large number of applicants, so this is there way of "introducing" the job to a large number of applicants.  Anyone who says there is an ADVANTAGE to this connects system need to reassess.  I would much rather get a job because I was the most qualified, not because I am some big fish in a little pond of applicants.


Yet, seeing 100+ applicants isn't such a small pond now, is it?  The fact is, they are sending invites to all the low wage people who will accept $3 an hour to do anything.  That trend will not change as clients adapt.  I got more invites this month, but invite does not mean hire.  Connects still hurt everyone.  Time to revert back to what was a more successful approach for all.

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Jennifer H Member Since: Apr 30, 2012
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When I asked support about why I wasn't showing up high in the search list of top contractors anymore, this is the answer I got:


"oDesk’s goal is to match as many relevant, high-quality freelancers to as many clients as possible. One way we do this is by trying to make search as intelligent as possible at showing the right freelancers to the right clients. To do this, we consider several factors, including:

- What is this client looking for? What is important to him or her?
- How likely are the freelancers we show to be a good match for the client who’s searching?
- How likely is a client to be interested in inviting the freelancers we show?
- How likely are the freelancers we show to be available to accept new work?


Because the answers to these questions differ for each client and freelancer, search results can vary dramatically from person to person and from day to day.


In addition, we are constantly making changes to our algorithm to try to do an even better job of getting the right freelancers in front of the right clients.

Because of the many factors we consider and the constant changes we make to our algorithm, we can’t provide any one reason why search results may look a certain way.

Keep in mind:

Search results vary from person to person, so the way you see yourself in search results may be very different than how Client A vs. Client B sees you."



Soooooo, basically search is random. Great! Nice to know that even if you work hard to provide an excellent experience for oDesk clients on every job and always over-deliver, that doesn't mean squat.


Those of us who work hard to do great jobs should be showing up high in search results, NOT randomly. It's official, oDesk's algorithms are the worst of any site in the history of the internet. Bravo.

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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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Kudos Jennifer! At least that reply was more informative than the older "canned" replies oDesk support used to provide -- All in reply to the damage caused by the notorious "mad robots" of oDesk.

Features like freelancers "My Jobs" and freelancers search for jobs / clients; as well as features like client search for freelancers have never been the best and have only become worse with the introduction of oDesk "algorithms" aka mad robots.


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Santiago G Member Since: Mar 10, 2015
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@ Jennifer


WOW.... something resembling a real reply?..... WOW..... Seriously.... show us how you did that. So many others keep getting nonsense replies as though everyone from CS is just picking words from the messages at random and attempting a reply based only on that.


Of course they could have provided you with a much shorter answer in saying "it's broken something fierce..... we have criteria but according to both clients and freelancers, it's not even coming close". Yeah, that would have covered it !!



@ anyone else still reading this.....


All in all, I have had 3 invites..... total !! Yes, I know this massive amount can get overwhelming but it's true!! Smiley LOL  Still ok... I still found some work that suits me and my timing. <<The original purpose of freelancing.


The first 2 were from the same company that wanted just about everything that I didn't feel like doing. I still don't !! The 3rd was for a data entry job that I'm still wondering why I was even invited in the first place?? The job was near instantly deemed as a waste of a scam attempt because the job was posted over a month ago. NOTE: To others that went to check the job post, that would be why it's showing in error. And it also has "DO NOT BOTHER" written all over it. Or at least that's how I would see it. Not to mention the pay offer was enough to make me say "here.... I'll give YOU that amount of money not to invite me again".

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Jennifer H Member Since: Apr 30, 2012
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@Santiago - They finally implemented priority support and I've received much quicker responses, even though the answers are no less disheartening.