Applied for a lot jobs but haven't got any response

I'm a .net developer. I did not get any job yet. I have reached my job application quota and still has no response from clients. i withdraw applications that i had no response from their clients after 4-5 days. and apply for another job but i also do not get any response. i don't know why ?! i took a lot of tests and i passed alot. can somebody please check my profile and tell me how to make it better ?! any advise ?! Thank you, Tarek

People are cheap and expect something for practically nothing. Keep plugging away.

Same here, am Java developer.. even i applied to many job no one responds

Tahaseena S try listing all the frameworks you are ok with try in your profile to prove you are a 'java professional' try making a list of all the tools yu are ok with ant, ivy stuff like that if you are a 'java professional' then you also ok with other stuff like operating systems and protocols ect .... try making a list to show all the 'related to java' knowledge and experience you have make everything concrete and try as hard as you can to prove on your profile why you are a 'java professional' keep trying

Now i have some problem . i am following you


hello i have applied for lot of jobs.My application quota is also over now.I have passed lot of test but still there is no response from clients. Can some please tell me from my profile whats wrong.

I'm no client but if I was; the cover letter would stand out to me the most. The clients will read your cover letter and any questions they asked before checking your profile. Checking your profile is step 2 once they're happy with your cover letter and want to learn a bit more.


Focus on your cover letter and make sure it's well written, detailed and original. Try and make it short and snappy whilst including everything relevant and what you will do. The aim is to try and impress the client. 


Again, I'm not client but I've always been original in my cover letters and I've done ok with jobs. 


Best of luck!

Poojal, I agree with Lyam about the cover letter. It's the first impression. I'm a freelancer here, but I've also hired. The second I realize it's not a custom response, they're gone. You can have a paragraph or two about yourself that you reuse, but you have to discuss the specific job in your cover letter. If I'm hiring for anything but graphics, I will dump anyone who has typos or really poor grammar - my grammar isn't perfect, so I try not to hold that against too many people 😉 It takes a lot to get me to the freelancer's profile.


Once you get someone to look at your profile, they are going to find that it is completely middle of the road. What is the specific work you do - that relates directly to the work you are looking for on oDesk? If you want writing work, you should be posting writing samples in your portfolio. If they are from real jobs, that's best, but even sample work or spec work can easily show your skills (just identify it as sample work).


Typing 30 words a minute is NOT good. If that's really what you type and you get a job involving it, you're going to screw yourself (if it's flat rate) or the client (if it's hourly).


I'm getting that weird view of your profile where I don't see the test results the way they show to clients, but they look bad. If they are, get rid of them. Yes, you may lose a few applications, but applications do no good once someone sees that.


Unless you really know Maya and Photoshop, I'd pull those out. oDesk has a ton of fully skilled graphics people. Try competing with people in the areas you are truly skilled. However - if you are a graphics wiz, fill up your portfolio. My portfolio is what gets me invitations.


Good luck