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Applying Service Fee to Bonus Payments?

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Tiffany S Member Since: Jan 15, 2016
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Ozan S wrote:

@S Z Honestly I have been expecting more attention to this matter, yet since the forum is mostly (unsurprisingly) used by those who earn many thousands here, they don't really seem to mind the cut from their bonuses (perhaps because they don't receive that many).


You do realize that we lose a lot more money on our bonuses than you do, right? Especially if you're operating on the assumption that no client will ever pay more than a 20% bonus.


Call me presumptuous, but I've been here for long enough to see this happening over and over again -- these people NEVER talk against the way things work here.


This is a blatant lie. Probably I'm not supposed to say that, and am supposed to pretend that you just coincidentally missed the huge number of posts in which successful freelancers have been critical of Upwork policies, but that's obviously absurd. You and others who repeat this lie ad nauseum simply need to sell it in order to pretend that we have some nefarious purpose for the things we say.


Thanks for bringing this up again, especially as a client. I sincerely hope it will be addressed one day.


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Ozan S Member Since: Dec 30, 2017
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@Tiffany S


Yes, and you probably do realize that you work and earn about a hundred times more than I do, so... The problem I see is not who lose how much money in bonus payments. It's that freelancers DO lose money from bonus payments. If you see no problem in this, obviously you're not the target audience here, unless you support the existance of cuts.


You can call it a "blatant lie" or whatever you want really, it's a personal observation of mine and I respect it if you disagree. I don't argue that 20% cap is the sweet spot -- it can be tweaked or even completely removed. It's just the percentage system sounds like the most fair, and it can be refined however it is the best. Offering a completely revamped fee structure has not been the intent here -- I pointed out a flaw I saw in the bonus system and proposed an alternative to remedy it.


Honestly, I'm very sick of disgruntled freelancers lobbying for rules that will seriously cut into the earnings of others.

It was already obvious that the proposals regarding the fee structure here is jumped on by a certain group of freelancers for this one simple, humanly concern. Still, thanks for being honest about it.

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Tiffany S Member Since: Jan 15, 2016
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Ozan S wrote:
Thanks Preston. As I mentioned, I've seen the threads discussing this, but couldn't see any responses directly from Upwork employees, or they just escaped me.

Often staff doesn't bother to re-answer a question when the answer is well known and several experienced freelancers and/or clients have already answered it. This is especially true when Upwork is being asked to justify its business decisions, which it is of course under no obligation to do. It makes a lot of sense to avoid responding in a thread like this, where the only possible outcome is someone responding to the explanation to tell them why they're wrong (as is already happening here, without their participation)

How could the system be abused if the bonuses were set by percentage and then capped? For example, 5%, 10% and 20% bonuses would be allowed, say, capped at 20$. If the budget was 100$, the maximum a freelancer get would be 20$. Am I missing something here?

That would super suck. I'm kind of shocked that you want to place such a severe limitation on bonuses. Just tonight, I got a 25% bonus on a project, but that's not even close to the highest percentage I've received, and I'm sure I'm not alone in that. 
Honestly, I'm very sick of disgruntled freelancers lobbying for rules that will seriously cut into the earnings of others.