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Arbitrary Account suspension

Hi there Admin,

My name is Mangal from India and have been happy being a freelancer in Upwork. Recently I accepted a contract from **Edited for Community Guidelines**. Contract no: 18961653. The contract was for 5 Polo T-shirts and Embroidery. It was clearly mentioned in the contract that the shipment details will be discussed after the contract gets done. I completed the said contract and the client gave the approval as well. After that the client is insisting me to do the shipment first and then he will award me the contract. The contract was sent to disputes in upwork. Now Upwork has suspended my account for more than 15 days with out any fault of mine. My question is can I take legal action against Upwork for this arbitary suspention of my account? Please advice.

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Chances are your account was suspended for not responding to the dispute, or something else such as something that happened between you and the client.


“Legal action”? Are you serious? Of course anyone who has enough money is free to take legal action if they can afford it. Whether you would win such action, even if you can indeed afford to take such action against a US corporation from abroad, is another question. How many tens of thousands of Dollars do you have to try that? 


In general Upwork can suspend any client or freelancer they like. There is no legal right to an Upwork account.

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Your statement is confusing.

Screenshot shows the client has awarded the job. But you've told he insists will award only after the shipment. Which one is correct?

And.. you are going to sue Upwork for the suspension? Lol. 🙂 🙂 🙂 All the very best. 

Hi Ramesh, Yes Sorry the statement is confusing. Actually he awarded the contract for t-shirts and embroidery service on it and said in the contract that he will discuss the shipment amount once the existing contract is done. Now after approving the first contract he is insisting that I ship the t-shirts first and then he will award me the contract. Upwork says I should return the money of the first contract of T-shirt and embroidery. Is this right. How can they suspend my account when there is no contract related to shipment?
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Essentially what it boils down to is that the client does not HAVE the deliverables for the contract, which are the embroidered T-Shirts..... 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Mangal,


Please refer to the information our team provided on your original, open ticket and continue to communicate through that ticket. We can't discuss dispute, contract and account-specific details in the Community and refrain from submitting new requests, in order to avoid unnecessary delays in resolving the issue affecting your account.

~ Vladimir
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