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Are the skill tests "open-book" tests?

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Kara P Member Since: Feb 14, 2019
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Does anyone know how clients perceive our tests scores? I was happy to find this thread since I was wondering this the other night.  I didn't get "perfect" scores on the tests, but that's since I didn't look up the answers or have a dictionary in front of me (writing tests, haha). I assumed they were closed-books tests so I took them as such, and was bummed I didn't score perfectly.


What is to keep a client from viewing us unfavorably if we got a 4.0 versus someone who maybe cheated (or maybe didn't!) and got a 5.0?  I feel like the quizzes don't 100% access our skills because all of us will have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to rules or spellings each of us might need to look up during an actual job.