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Are there problems with Ukraine freelancers having accounts on Upwork?

Hey guys,

I had a chat on Upwork with a guy who was claiming that Ukraine authors can no longer have accounts on Upwork, bla bla bla, long story short he was asking me to create an account for him under my name, using my details. Before you ask, of course I didn't accept :)) As much as it sounds like a scam, just curious if there are in fact certain problems for freelancers in Ukraine.

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It is a scam and there are lots of freelancers and clients from Ukraine. 


It is not only a scam, but it would certainly get another freelancer's account suspended for ever, once Upwork found out about it and they would. Report the client. 

It's not a client, it's a guy that added me on Linkedin.

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@Cristian B wrote:

Hey guys,

... just curious if there are in fact certain problems for freelancers in Ukraine.

 Ukraine (as such) - No

Crimea - Yes


Due to US sanctions all Crimea based freelancers had their accounts terminated.


That's absolutely terrible 😞


Hi Cristian,


Nichola and Petra are correct. You can check this announcement and this help article.


If you encounter any suspicious activity/user, please flag it for our review. 

  1. Click the Flag as inappropriate link located at the upper right of every job and public profile on Upwork.
  2. Select a reason you think the posting is inappropriate.
  3. Click Submit.

This sends a notification directly to Upwork, allowing us to investigate and take the appropriate measures. You can check the help article here.

~ Joanne

Sorry, I wrote Upwork by mistake, I had a chat on Linkedin with some who added me, claiming he had an Upwork account, and they told me the whole story.

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