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Are you getting actively searched

I have this curiousity coming from two directions:

  • the lack of professionals in a given field (corroborated with never ending articles about how difficult it is to find qualified workforce)
  • people writing how tired they are of getting harrased by e-mails from different company's HR departments.


I'm working as a software developer for a long time and looking left and right all I see how bad software devs are sought. Like everybody needs developers and they want them now.

On the other hand, people in the field are complaning that every week they get spammed with a lot of e-mails and messages (e.g. on LinkedIn) asking them to work for their company.


From my experience, in the last 3 years, I received maybe 5 messages/e-mails. Including the ones on here. And the only "real" offer was for 4 hours of work for $20.


Now, is there actually a shortage of professionals or it's just marketing to sell articles? What's your take? Or maybe it's just not enough to have the technologies/skills enumerated on some website anymore.

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Hi Gabriel.  I believe that there is lots of work in software development and its extremely highly paid.   However, from my research, it appears that there is a massive upward income curve, so that a few people at the top can command a vast amount, but that by no means is the norm.


I work in web development.  There are in the magnitude of 500 million active websites and most of them are competing for the same customer base.  Their per-website average income is likely to be poor which of course leads to a need for devevopers, but only at the right price.   In order to validate this, you can check on various online resources as to how to get backlinks, SEO keyword stuffing, scrapping data or outright copying websites. 


So the demand is certainly there, but a sizable percentage of that demand is not for original work products,  


So you're saying that I might be "ignored" by headhunters because I'm "expensive"/know too much?

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