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Argentina Invoices

Hello everyone. Any from Argentina can tell me how to make the invoices. 
Do you create an invoice as "factura E"  as "exportation of services" ?

thanks in advance.



Hi Sergio Daniel,


All payments on your Reports    Transactions have official invoices that are ready to be downloaded or printed for record-keeping purposes. You may check this help article for more information. If you need assistance in filing your taxes, you may want to consult with a local tax advisor in your area so that you can be guided accordingly. 

~ Joanne
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Hi Sergio,


As you may imagine invoicing here in Argentina is complex so here it goes:


1) Yes, to any clients abroad you have to generate a "Factura E" for "Exportacion de Servicios". Where it asks for the CUIT you need to enter the CUIT Pais not the company's tax number. You can download the CUIT Pais table from the Internet. So all you need is the company's name, address and CUIT pais and you're good to go.


2) That said, you need to keep in mind that for any transactions that are originated abroad, legally you need to ALWAYS match 1 transaction to 1 invoice, whether the transaction is a wire transference or money from Paypal to Nubi and from Nubi to your bank account.


So let's suppose that here on Upwork, Client A pays you $30, Client B $20 and Client C $10. You'll withdraw $60, so you need to generate 1 invoice for $60. Since 1 withdrawal equals 1 transaction. So, how do you solve that? Well, you invoice Upwork for $60 (it doesn't affect them at all, just make sure to always leave the email field empty so no one receives the invoices you generate in AFIP, meaning they're for local legal purposes only)


The other option (which I don't see feasible) is for you to make a withdrawal per each client payment. But if, for example, you're withdrawing money to Paypal, then from Paypal you would need to withdraw $30, $20 and $10 in separate transactions.


- Difference between fiscal invoice and a regular invoice: If a client here on Upwork asks you for an invoice, you can just download the one Upwork generates for you under transactions and use that one.

If you have a client (in Upwork or not) that sends you a template, lets' suppose in a Word document, that he wants you to use to invoice him, you can also do that. And in parallel, you can generate the invoice in AFIP, but you don't send this second one to the client. Meaning: invoicing is not an operation that is reported internationally, only monetary transactions, so you wouldn't be invoicing the client twice. 


To clarify: AFIP doesn't care about any invoices you generate off system since they're not valid. And abroad companies are not affected by invoices you generate under AFIP. Just make sure to always deliver only 1 invoice to each client in order to avoid any confusion.


- You might wonder why can't you just prove that 1 transaction equals the sum of X invoices. Meaning why can't you just fill an export local form claiming the transference X for $60 is for Invoices 1, 2 and 3 that sum up to $60.  Well... because under the current law you can only have 1 source of money per transaction, that's what the Banco Central cares about. So, no, if you need to create a Formulario de Exportacion in order to receive a wire transference from abroad you need to have 1 invoice for the entire amount, meaning only 1 entity as the source of the money.


It's complex since you need to understand AFIP, etc. doesn't even consider platforms like this. So I talked to AFIP and they said it was not up to them but up to the Banco Central. Therefore I called the Banco Central and they confirmed that unless the law changes it's 1 invoice for 1 transaction.


I've been doing this since Elance, so don't worry, you get used to it and it gets easier 🙂


Hope this helps!

This is from very much help. Thanks, Solange! Cheers, Mat.

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