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As as Top Rated Plus how can I use premium support chat???

The robot always repsponds that all agents are busy, ALL THE TIME. Please fix this! Thank you!


Hi Yevheniy,


Thank you for your message. I am sorry to hear about the challenges while using our live chat. Could you please try using the live chat again later? Alternatively, you can post your questions here so that one of our moderators can assist you.


Thank you,



Hi Pradeep, I have already posted a ticket (Request #37921287) yesterday and got a response today telling me to wait 24 hours while the payment team is investigating. It's about my withdrawal via wire transfer, initiated on November 16th. I just want to know why it still hasn't made it to my account and when it will. As for the chat feature, I'll try it next time I need it, but I think Upwork should consider adding a dedicated chat for Top Rated freelancers because what's the point of having it listed as a benefit when no one can really use it? Thank you!

Same Here, I do not know what is the problem now, The response I get is "the agent is busy"

I hope there will be solution to these since some of the concerns are urgent matter.

Thank you!

In my case , I tried to access the support chat for 4 straight days and I receive the same response.

I hope there will be a help for this. Thank you!


Calvin Gold

Hi Calvin,


I'm sorry to hear you've been having trouble contacting support. You can post your question or concern here and we'll be sure to escalate it to the appropriate team if needed.

~ Luiggi
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