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Asked for Help, was refused, then locked my account

I asked Upwork for help for a client that refused to use the site. Upwork refused to help me claiming I wasn't using the site. Right... cause the client wont do their part so I can log my hours on the contract-  its why I was reaching out. Then they sent me a message claiming I wasn't using their site, locked my acocunt after sending a message that said I don't need to do anything and blocked me from contacting support. I have used this site (and followed the rules for 5 years). I have all my messages where I'm repeatedly asking the client to use the site. WHAT THE.....

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When we work on an hourly basis contract, Upwork takes screenshots of our working after every 10 minutes. There is a weekly and daily summary sheet accumulated in our data base.  

Don't you think it's unethical to demand access to someone's device?  I actually tried to use their tracker years ago, it created a vulnerability and I was hacked while being "interviewed" on screenshare with a client.  I had to go buy a brand new computer immediately and refuse to install it again. Upwork offered zero support for that situation as well. They always have an excuse of why they can't  offer the support that they claim to offer freelancers. 

Hi Keri, 


I checked and it seems that you are already in correspondence with our team on your support ticket. If you have further questions I encourage you to follow up with our team via ticket directly as they are the ones that can best assist you.

~ Nikola

//Don't you think it's unethical to demand access to someone's device? //

How? Tracker is not accessing your files and / or other data. But it will take screenshot of your desktop. Upon creating an account in the site, all the freelancers are accepting this, isntit?!

As I stated I was willing to use it but I will not after my experience and Apple has told me to NOT USE IT. They used something called Squirrel to hack my system.
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