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Asked to do Design Tasks as park of the Interview. Your views?

Hi all

I seem to be getting asked to do more and more design tasks / trials as part of a job interview after being asked to submit proposals. Does anyone seem to get this, and what are your views, or how do you approach this? These are usually offered without any payment, I'm just wondering if it's normal on Upwork as much as it is when applying for permanent jobs!

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This seems to be happening often - clients asking for trials or samples for free. This is a big no-no and against the platform rules. Usually they disappear when you say you will be happy to do a paid test.

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Thanks for this! I didn't actually even realise it was against Upwork rules.

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I agree with the last commenter. Any genuine respectable business owner will pay you for the trial, not expect it for free 😃

Very true!

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