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Asking for free work

I had a potential client ask me blatantly for free work to win the contract. I notified Upwork, but a few days later; the client reached out to me and told me I didn’t get the job. Basically, Upwork did nothing. 


I saw this from a portion of another recent job request: “You may submit a design before being interviewed to secure the job. If we love the design you get the job.” Will Upwork do anything about this, or will this be ignored? I flagged it but my guess is that my flag will be ignored. 

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Matt,

Could you please send me a PM(click on my name) with the job posting link so that I can check this further? Thank you.

~ Goran

For some reason, Upwork isn’t allowing me to private message you. Perhaps if you could private message me?
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