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Attaching files to proposals or sending drive link?

Hello Upwork Community!


I am unclear on whether it is best to always attach files as your work samples while sending a proposal or upload all content to drive and send that as a link.

I read somewhere that attaching files is not a very good idea as some clients don't prefer opening them as they could potentially contain harmful malwares and instead sending a link to your google drive was a better alternative. Is this true?


Your guidance and help would be highly appreciated. 


Zoraiz K.


Hi Zoraiz,


Thank you for reaching out. Upwork allows both as long as they do not include any personal contact info. When you send a file, just make sure that it does not have that in order to avoid getting your account suspended and to also protect yourself from scammers.

~ AJ
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I would also like to know coz mine also gave me an option of screenshot instead of file upload.Is a good qualification for a proposal and can it limit you from getting jobs from clients?


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