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Attaching files when invited to interview

Ace Contributor

For the first time in months, I got an invitation for a job interview in my field, requiring a language I speak. I was all excited. The job is for a voice over, so naturally they asked for a voice sample. They would only accept attachments, not links. I had forgotten that for whatever reason we can't attach files to reponses to invitations. We can attach files when we bid for jobs, but when someone asks us to apply, we can't. Perhaps someone could explain the reasoning behind that to me?

Active Member

This seemed strange to me, too.  But, right after you reply to their invitation to interview, you can send a direct message to the client with an attachment.  That's what I've done and hadn't had a problem with it.  Good luck!

There was a thread somewhere a while ago in which a mod said they were going to incorporate the attachment feature at some future date. Until then, the only option is as was previously mentioned: attach it in a subsequent message. This is not very professional, so it would be a good idea to mention something along the lines of:


As Upwork does not allow attachments in a response to an invited interview, please see my follow-up message.

Ace Contributor

It's 2017 and this seemingly obvious concept is apparently still not addresses. How a client who is hiring a designer issupposed to determine fit without seeing work samples is beyond me. So instead of being able to simply attached some samples to a proposal in response to an invitation. I need to make the proposal and say sned me a message so I can show you my work. Sorry it's illogical and comepletley inefficient. I'm not sure if providing a link to a PDF works. I would think it would be less that ideal and invite clinets and freelancer to connect 'off platofrm' but maybe I am missing something.

Hi Paula,

There is a portfolio for that.

I'm assuming by default that if someone invites me he/she already saw my profile and portfolio. 



P.S. Sorry, if I misunderstood your post.

P.P.S Btw, are you sure file can't be attached when replying to invitation? It's just a messaging window (at least looks like that). Hm, turns out that I never paid attention to this ... I think it can be attached.

Hi Paula,


I'm sorry about the difficulties you're having with attaching files when responding to invites, I can assure you our team is working on enabling this feature but we don't have an ETA yet.