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Attention for Scammer- **Edited**

Hi everyone,

This is Kun and I'm one of your clients who recently registered  on Upwork.
I submitted a proposal for a translation project and got approved for this project. Then I received the documents by telegram which is not in the platform of yours.  I finished it in several days and submitted it by telegram.
When I'm ready to get my salary, the financial staff of the project ask me to make a payment of 100 dollars before I can receive my salary.
I do think there is something wrong with whis procedure. And hope all of you to pay attention and  take some measures to prevent such kinds of things. 
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This is what happens when people join Upwork, click the "accept" button without reading the terms of service they are agreeing to, and start applying for jobs without bothering to read the rules.


Upwork does not do enough to fight scammers, but most of the time freelancers have their faults too.



  • Vague and meagre profile. Scammers can tell from miles away you don't know the rules and are an easy target.
  • You are not a translator. Yet you applied for a translation job. Stick to what you are really able to do - knowing two languages does not make you a translator.
  • You agreed to move the conversation outside of Upwork. This is strictly prohibited if you do not have a contract yet. Telegram = scam. 


Take the Academy courses and read this before trying to get a job, or you will be scammed again: Top Red Flags for Scams: From Community Membe... - Upwork Community


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