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Audible licence disputes/Scammed through Upwork

I've posted previously explaining the history of this issue.

But long story short, I've been scammed by a buyer here on Upwork. 

I produced an audiobook for them and they later proceeded to chargeback that order and I made no money on the contract. Not only did they request a chargeback but Upwork returned all their money due to suspicious activity before the chargeback was even registered. 

Upwork contacts me later after all money had been already removed to tell me that (after requesting evidence to dispute the chargeback) as a one time 'exemption', they won't take any additional money (stealing) from me due to the chargeback.

The whole experience has been disastrous.

Anyway, today that audiobook has been uploaded to audible (with my name credited) and I'm not sure how to proceed. I know I should claim rights on the produced audiobook files but after looking through their website I haven't the slightest idea who to contact.

Does anyone here know what I could do next?



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That sounds terrible and i wonder what do the "additional money" really means. 

They didn't say 'additional money' specifically but it ends up being that way. They wanted me to thank them for not removing additional funds from my account after all related contract awards were already removed. 

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Why has my new thread been combined with this one? I posted on a different issue completely. 

Yes it has a connection to this issue BUT I was specifically looking on advice on how to claim rights on an Audible listed project.

After combining the two threads the layout is completely confusing and no-one will manage/figure out what I'm looking for support on. 

Can you please seperate them again?

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Retired Team Member

Apologies for the confusion, Petar, I just returned your new posts as a new thread. 

~ Goran
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This is really something you need to discuss with Audible (who are owned by Amazon). However, there is a slight complication in that the rights to the audiobook are with person who owns the rights to the actual book. It may (!) get difficult to claim rights to the use of your voice. That is, howver, something you need to take up with Audible. It's no longer anything to do with Upwork. 

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I have obviously been to the contact us page. There's no form for reporting any kind of infrigement of rights or even simply to report a listing for anything besides basic technical issues. That's what I'm looking for advice on, if anyone knows who I could specifically contact in this case or what the correct communication channel is if anyone has had a similar experience here.

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Petar B wrote:

 what the correct communication channel is 

Contact them and ask them. That's what the "Contact us" form is there for. They can pass your issue on to the correct department.


You may want to get legal advice if you actually have a claim or not as the use of your voice may or may not fall under a violation of any rights.


In general, the author or rights-owner (if different) of any book owns the rights to any audio books by default unless otherwise agreed.  This would make the unpaid use of your voice simply a debt, and not a rights issue.


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