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Audio/ video call option is missing in Upwork mobile app


Does anyone have access to the call option inside the mobile app? Is there such a thing or it is available only for the desktop version?


Thank you!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Gabriel,


Calls are available only on the web interface and desktop app. Mobile web and app are not supported at this time.

~ Valeria

Too bad.

So, I have to buy for my PC a webcam and a microphone, instead of using my phone? It's like going back to 2000.


Please solve this as soon as posible.


Well, even if it had it, I would still opt for Skype like I am so far.

Even on PC i'm using skype for screensharing and chat.

Mobile app was updated these days(about middle of Aug.).

So can I verify my profile by video chat on updated mobile app(latest version) ?



Hi Dennis, 

If you do not have a webcam on your laptop or desktop to complete your video-chat verification, please mention this to the agent when you initiate the verification process. Your chat agent will give you further instructions on how you can complete your identity verification.

~ Avery

Any luck getting this feature.  

Nope.     Only on Desktop which is ludicrous.  

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