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Auto hide application

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Nazmul I Member Since: Jan 8, 2012
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We have suffered a lot by oDesk new changes. But they are not concern about us. oDesk support show a lame excuse that is not logical. So it is time to think about leaving oDesk.
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Ian T Member Since: Jun 7, 2009
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I copy paste my application and do a little rewrite to match keyword of the job. I think my theory supported this claim since I never get a single response for 100% copy-pasted application. I think this system has its place for balancing out application with old and new freelancers. Just a hypothesis but the system is not perfect nonetheless.
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Shibbir A Member Since: Nov 27, 2014
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Its really disappointing for freelancers. Odesk should take care of this problem soon. Otherwise we have to leave odesk. Smiley Sad

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Erwin B Member Since: Oct 18, 2011
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Sigh!!! is all there is......
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Shrikant N Member Since: Sep 13, 2013
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completely agree.....pathetic feature...
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bharti s Member Since: May 3, 2010
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Ok, this is what they said read below ,and it looks like nothing more than pre-written letter . I checked many jobs today , even 5 star contractor are in Hidden Dustbin . I have said Bharti, to ensure your job applications are highly ranked, apply to jobs where your skills and past work experience are a great fit and that you build a great relationship with your client every time. This means being truthful on your profile about what skills you have, ensuring before you accept a job offer that you can meet the client’s expectations, delivering on time, and communicating with your client throughout the project and especially if you run into problems. By providing this type of quality experience and satisfying clients, your applications will once again be ranked highly for clients.
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Dianne M Member Since: Jul 25, 2013
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The system does not work as it should. I posted a job the other day and some of the best freelancers are under the auto hidden part, even one who worked on one of my projects before and is the exact fit/person I am looking for.

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Margaret P Member Since: Jul 7, 2007
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Please submit a ticket and tell them this. They need to hear from clients, that we hate this feature and that the best contractors are being hidden.
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Kuldeep S Member Since: Mar 23, 2012
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I am working since last 2 yesrs and worked for many client and when i apply for jobs almost 5-6 client reply back but now a days not a single reply from clients. Odesk is now not good First not able to apply as per my bid Second auto hidden PLz removed all your features and let us work
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Muhammad Azam J Member Since: Jul 16, 2011
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Same issue 860 hours 4.75 feedback Not getting any job.. Didnot received even one interview or invitation after last update. ODESK IS KICKING US OUT???