Automatic Archiving of Private Message Threads

Recently and all of the sudden, private message threads appear to be automatically archived. as soon as the contract has ended.  This makes it impossible to write any further messages in that particular thread which is frustrating.

This appears to be something automatic that is being done by the site as opposed to the very unlikely scenario in which all of the sudden, after years of nobody ever archiving a thread of mine,  all of my clients decided at the same time to intentionally archive the threads when the contract is complete.  Also, the clients that I have asked about this have had no idea the the thread was archived and say that it certainly was not anything that they had done intentionally.


I know there are work arounds like starting a new thread but that seems silly since it was working just fine before this recent change.


Why the change and when can you change it back????

Also, I had already posted this question and then verified that it was indeed posted, only to come back and see that it was no longer here.  Why was my original post deleted?




Hi Randy,

I see your post was responded to here. You may have been missing your post because we'll occasionally merge discussions if the same question was posed and answered elsewhere as was done in this case. I'll leave this discussion here to avoid any confusion, but please look to the original thread for an update from our end when this issue is resolve.d