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Automatic Refund

I'm new to upwork, and assisted a client with a task of purchasing some items using my own funds, to which they agreed to repay and paid for me having to purchase the item for them as well.


over $600usd pre upwork service fee in pending funds, only for the next day to receive an email stating the something looks weird from upwork then couple hours later, the funds are returned to the client...


Now im left twiddling my thumbs hoping upwork CS staff can assist. 


Btw this was a fixed contract to which the client then proceeded increment the payment for the second request.

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Did you buy cryto or PUBG?


Purchasing items for a client is aganist Upwork's Terms of Service. You will not receive payment protection for this.


Also you were scammed. Most likely the client used a stolen credit card.


If you purchased crypto, contact the app you used to transfer the funds to see if you can recuperate your money.


This article contains tips on how to avoid scams.



i see, i bought gift cards so i guess i will have to go through the the provider and see if anything can be done.


i realized they were scams early on, but even the most aware persons can become victims...


guess this is a life lesson.

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Just because an amount shows up in your account, that does not mean the client paid. When upwork realizes the card can't be charged (this time), the amount disappears. But there never was any payment, so there is nothing to refund. 

i see, but im fialing to see why not implement a payment verification system similar to identification verification.


The "client" had a payment verification attached to the job lisitng which made me have some level of trust i was going to be screwed over.


but it is what it is i guess at this point 

Payment verified means that the client was able to verify the card at some point for a very small amount. This is not a guarantee to get paid, especially when the nature of the work is not allowed. 

You should be providing a professional service, not buying anything for anybody. That is not the purpose of upwork. 

Yes I understand, like I said at this point it is what it is.






Hi Thomas,


I am sorry to hear about this. I checked and it seems that you already created a support ticket for the issue you are experiencing. Please allow more time for our team to review your case and respond accordingly to your ticket. You will be notified of their response.


Additionally, you may want to check this thread and this help article for more information. 

~ Nikola
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