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Availability Badge - What's the actual deal

Ok so I am asking this here because I just don't understand. The Upwork information says that haviung the "Availability Badge" shows potential clients that "you are ready and available for work now." What does "now" mean. This second, today, this week? And what happens if you decide you don't want to give up connects to have this on. Does it look like you are not available at all for new jobs at all?

I just got off the phone with a Upwork CS and the guy I spoke to told me that the badge just means that you are available to converse right now. As an example he said that if someone is a 12 hour time difference seeing that badge means you are available to chat right now. This sounds wrong to me. 


Could someone please explain it all to me? Do I really need to pay for connects on Upwork to show potential clients I am open to discussing a project? If so that's just plain wrong.

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It wasting connects. Also it is nice bage. Nothing else.

Clients able to use filter "with bage only" but unsure is someone using it.

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I believe it is a waste of money. It has had no effect on my business. Each person should decide for themselves. I would run a trial and see if it has an impact if you are curious.


"Now" means this second. I think this platform is going to the f  vvv  rrrrrrrrrrrrrr, etc. model with everyone constantly refreshing the feed, while glued to the computer accepting low-paying jobs. They want you on the platform, spending connects at anything that moves.


I've never heard of the CS comment before, and it is not what Upwork has stated previously.


In my opinion, no one needs the silly "I'm here!" badge. It smacks of the cheap platforms where they want you working, not freelancing, and under their observation. If I'm going to be chained to my computer, I will find an employer who will pay me for my skills and I won't have to worry about expenses, just being under the thumb and schedule of someone else.


I still have clients contact me without my badge on. It depends on the kind of freelancer you want to be. If you want to sit and constantly refresh and apply and throw connects at anything, then your badge might be important to you. If you are a professional with skills and don't feel you want to be an Upwork employee, and want decent clients, I wouldn't worry about it.

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In my opinion, it's really unprofessional and unethical of Upwork to ask us for money for basic website functionality that should be free. I wouldn't have expected this from a platform that strives to be a benchmark in this field, but here we are. 😕

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