Available options for several contracts


I have several offers as virtual assistant in various areas awhich are quite interesting for my portofolio growth, experience and on improving knowledges.

Of course, if I accept all, for sure I won't be able to complete them alone at the same time. 

I saw several guides on how to add freelancers in a team as well as how to create an agency.


I was wondering if there is any way (permission) to get help, not from Upwork freelancers but here at my side (someone that is not Upwork's freelancer) to work within my portfolio and we can use time tracker app simulataneously? 
If so, 
Any membership plan to choose? procedure/steps to  be followed? Status: Agency, freelancer ....
So at the end of the day all income and Upwork's commissions go through my account.

Thank you in advance for your reply
Best regards


Hi Soaliana, 


If you would like freelancers to work with you on your project, you will have to inform your client that you will be subcontracting some parts of the project to another freelancer. You will be 100% responsible for the end-product you deliver, making sure that you comply with all laws when you use independent contractors or employees to work on your contracts.

You may want to create an Agency account, and get freleancers to work for your Agency. In this case, your future clients will have to hire your agency and you can assign a freelancer to a specific project. All payments will go to the agency account, and you will have to pay your freelancers off the platform. 

~ Avery