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Average of orders after sending 10 proposals.

What's your average order rate after sending 10 proposals? Share your experiences and tips in the Upwork community! Let's learn from each other and boost our success rates. :briefcase:


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I don't even send more than 1 proposal a month, that's what I can afford given how UW is milking freelancers. Since I don't support scam, I do not fund UW in a form of buying connects. First they would need to remove scammers, fakes, criminals that flood the platform, implement fair rules for both clients and freelancers, improve their communication and transparency, stop supporting AI bs and generally regain trust, then maybe I can consider paying for anything more than UW fees from my contracts.

Seeing in the history it was 1 reply from the client for 20 sent proposals and that was before UW raised connects needed to apply. This one reply turned into an active contract twice within 6 months.

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