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Average pricing for remote work?

Just checking to see if anyone has ideas/advice on per hour fees for remote work here please. I have been working for about a year now with a contractor. We manage and maintian 80 computers remotely for a local company here in NY and I work for $20 per hour.


With the multitude of people worldwide who work for $10 per hour, where competition is concerned, what chances would I have if any to get a gig paying me $20 per hour? If not good then what would be a better pricing?



Here is the formula:



Iw = your Imagined Worth

Cw = What the Client think you are Worth

Mv = The Mean Value of the market

Ot = What Others Think they are worth

Mn = The Magic Number (put here any figure that you want and see what happens).


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From this day on, this is my response. I'm stealing it using it for inspiration.


Not so sure "Winston" is gonna pass profile verification if he lists "US" as his country. 

I don't get that at all, please explain why stating where I live would be a problem? I was only answering the questions honestly.



Two explanations for your questions:


1) You need to be honest about your name and where you live. If you remotely connect to a computer in New York, that doesn't mean you live in New York. Upwork actively tries to find freelancers who are being dishonest about where they live, and it will suspend or terminate their accounts. (I'm not saying that's what you're doing, but that is what people here are referring to.)


2) You can't ask what the averge price for remote work is. That question makes no sense.


That's like asking what the average price is for an item you buy in the store.


What item? What store?


There are people here (not me of course) who think your questions make you sound like a farmer or a schemer.

@Winston H wrote:

I don't get that at all, please explain why stating where I live would be a problem? I was only answering the questions honestly.

 So Winston, you say you're fast and honest and reliable and all that fun stuff, **Edited for Community Guidelines**


Yes Jennifer, Mike is my middle name and what most people know me by, for anything official I use my first name [Winston] as can be seen on linkedin here **Edited for Community Guidelines**


I also use my FB with my full name. Sorry if my questions makes me seem like a scammer guys, just trying to figure out how things work here. I have zero issues with either Upworks or any potential client wishing to verify anything at all in my profile. Anyone can visit me at my Home office in Queens NY as stated in all of my local ads and website.


But thanks for bringing this to my attention as I will get my references on my site to update with my first name Winston by tomorow so everything matches and no need for anyone to have reason to be suspicious about anything.


Far as Bark goes, I had only tried their free trial when they had contacted me initially but and I had tried it only once, didn;t work for me so I never followed up on their services, will remove that account now.

@Winston H wrote:

Anyone can visit me at my Home office in Queens NY as stated in all of my local ads and website.

Yeah, well you may want to be really careful with this Winston. If there is even a remote possibility of free booze being served, you may regret what you just wrote.


I'm far from NYC but I come to visit some times, and the smell of free booze attracts people like me, and there is no shortage of people like me in this community. With all due respect to my fellow FLers, but ya'all know who I'm talking about.

"Where darkness shines like dazzling light"   —William Ashbless

Jennifer and other,


I would like to use this opportunity to once again refer you to the Community Guidelines and ask you to refrain from posting public accusations of misconduct in the Community. If you feel like something needs to be checked or verified by Upwork team, please let us know privately by flagging the post, the profile or submitting a ticket.


We do appreciate your help in keeping the platform a trustworthy and transparent place. That said, we would like to use appropriate tools to make the reporting process more efficient and professional.


Thank you.

~ Valeria

Valeria there is no way to link to URLs where they've copied their profile, and when we do use the appropriate ways they just flag the profile and the profile goes back to stolen content/fake profile pic/fake location in a week. That's why a lot of people bring it to the forums. The only way it seems to happen is if it's brought up in the forums.


The guy with the fake female actress pic, for example. We flagged that and went the appropriate route and nothing happened until it was brought up in the forum. The guy that was stealing Amy's profile is another example. It seems Upwork only takes care of the fraud profiles if we bring it up here.


We do a more thorough search than the marketplace people. I still don't think this guy is in the US from his websites, but ok I'll leave him alone. If they would allow us to include a note when we report, it would help a lot.

Well the way it works in NY is most folks need to meet the person they plan to employ. With so many scams around here people tend to feel much more comfortable when they sit in my office and see what I do. As one of my existing clients had mentioned to me when he first came here, his existing worker at that time was "in a broken down room with just one old pc" and that he never felt comfortable.


When people visit me they a see a very clean environment with powerful modern equipment so they know that I have the firepower and expertise to run their job in an efficient manner. This way they also get to see my personality which people say is one of my strengths. I am a people person by nature guys, I excel at customer service so people always feel very comfortable with me and NO Rene, I never have booze here for people, I have soft drinks and snacks which i offer to anyone visiting.


I have some light beer only on a saturday evening outside when I'm cooking out back for my kids while listening to music and entertaining the kids.

When I put my rates up, I was anxious about whether I deserved or was worth a higher rate. All I will say is that it had no negative effect on my attractiveness to clients as a freelancer. If anything, it put off the cheapskates even more. I rarely get invites from the jobs with derisory pay these days. It also seemed to attract a better quality of client willing to pay higher rates for good quality, though that may seem counterintuitive.


But of course it all depends on what services you offer. $20 could be quite low or quite high for your work. It's all trial and error. Put it up, if there is a negative effect, there is nothing wrong with dropping it again. Always put your rates up when you're working from a strong position (such as when you hit Top Rated).

Matthew, I think it all depends on where you get the employment from. Example, here in NY there is at least one tech on every block I think so certain local services like computer repair the competition is brutal. According to Expertise, there are over 1800 registered computer repair businesses in NY. So for pc repair we get next to nothing for our hard work which is why I had to finally move away from that and focus on remote services.


People here want to give local techs $25-40 to reload Windows which takes a few hours to load and update or sometimes I an work on virus cleaning which can take "days" to get only 50 or sixty dollars for it so what does that add up to per hour? Point is, while locals want to pay the little amount due to the extremely high competition, I can get much more doing a virus repair remotely.

I understand where you are coming from, Jennifer, and we are working with the team on improving ways for users to report violations and provide additional information. The team is also working on a fix that will make it clear if actions have been taken against a profile. Right now, you can still access a profile via a direct link even if actions have already been taken. I agree that current experiences is confusing and frustrating.


Meanwhile, by flagging a post or sending a private message to me or Vladimir you can achieve same results as you do by commenting on a violation publicly. A lot of Community members have been doing it and we always forward their reports to the appropriate team. It also helps us avoid personal attacks and keep this Community a more professional and friendly space.



~ Valeria

So Jennifer you still think I am not located here in NY, you got anyone here in NY you wish to send to visit me? My address is listed on my site, please feel free or I will indulge, ask me about anything or anywhere in NY.


Or did you check the REAL Angie's list reviews on my site even though that relates to my other pc repair site here?


**Edited for Community Guidelines**

That brings me to my previously asked question Valeria. I am wondering why there isn't a direct phone or email contact for Upworks support, can you advise please? Or at least tell me how I can get to them with any concerns?



You can find support channels available to you here. Unfortunately, due to the volume of users not all support channels are available to everybody at all times. You can always post your questions here in the Community though and we'll be happy to help you.

~ Valeria

Thank you Valeira, I had looked there but didn't see a direct link or way to submit a ticket, I will look again. Regarding posting here, yes, I am getting valuable inputs from some of the guys here [thanks] but got to say I am not all pleased or comfortable with the suspicion factor which is why I had wanted to contact Upworks support with my questions in the first place.

Oh btw guys, if anyone not located in NY should wish to verify my location, I will be glad to do skype and I can go stand outside the PO here which is only 3 blocks away from my house 🙂

Oh I found it in the support option from the link Valeria [thanks], it's a "Get help" button on lower right of screen. I will contact them, appreciate the help!