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Avoid ** HIRING MANAGER - Person, Company and any offers do not exist

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Kimberly M Member Since: Aug 21, 2014
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HI Everyone I am new to Odesk and excited to get started. This I'm sure has happened to us all at least once which is why I want to share my experience with the team. I received emails inviting me to interview for "Medivation" and requested to contact **. BEWARE They will ask that you create a Yahoo messanger account, contact them to interview. Interview is entirely over messagner. You are asked to reveiw their website after she has copy and pasted company information for you to read over. phising person. Start to ask direct questions. I did and this persons grammar and sentence structure fell apart. She advised me she was sending my interview to her "superior's" yes in the possesive. First time I can understand a typo but EVERYTIME. NO ONE in HR or recruting will #1 have bad grammar habits #2 Be afraid of you contacting their HR to verify any offer #3 Drop off the face of the Earth when you tell them you are requesting to verify. Oh the offer looks legit but if any of you have ever received a letter of offer of employment you know the structure it should have and it should never be sent from a email address. Corporate logos can be pasted, but corporate emails are a sign of legitimacy. If your gut tells you something is wrong. ASK QUESTIONS! No cliet offering you a legit job is going to frown on you wanting more information or simply wanting to be safe. Company is in San Francisco with offices in Chicago. They want you to fax Utah So, They tell us this every time. Beware anyone that wants to offer you outside employment that does not pay you thru Odesk. They do not have payments verified, client is brand new and reaching out to you! Always remember. IF IT LOOKS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT IS I say all this because if received ANOTHER email today from same person for ANOTHER company **. I called this person out on their fraud and they simply changed company name. Beware team. Decline and Report If the offer valid they should be happy that you are being proactive. *"Removed by admin"
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Gillian Michele N Member Since: Mar 15, 2012
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Hi Kimberly, This is quite an old scam that has been running here for a few years. I understand that you're new, so unfortunately you've had to experience this. Being asked to interview via Yahoo Messenger is usually a red flag for me. Most clients I know interview via Skype. Yes, typos and bad grammar is another flag. Yes, never ever receive money outside of oDesk. It's against the rules. If a client doesn't yet have a verified payment method, it doesn't always mean that they're here to scam you, but some of them are. You can still apply to those ads, but just don't start working until the method is verified. You're doing the right thing to report it/flag it. oDesk apparently monitors clients like this, but not sure what happens after this. Kimberly, have a good browse around the forums, there's a lot of useful information for newcomers. I wish you the best with finding legitimate contracts. - Gill