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Avoid using **

Dear Odesk users, I have been an Odesk user for over 4 years now, and have spent thousands of dollars or my businesses and have had a lot of great contractors over the time. However, we recently have had a contract with a company called **, who not only have robbed me of my money, but left my website in shambles because of their terrible work. I disputed the hours worked on Odesk, but it seems like I am not going to get my money back, which is a shame. The only thing I can do now is let users know about my experience to make sure that these thieves do not get a single client ever again. Long story short, I had URL redirect errors on my website. Not only did they dig in to start doing things they were not authorized to do so (they tampered with my onpage SEO) they also changed the URL completely, which destroyed the current SEO work I had done. Maybe you'll never have to deal with them, who knows, but in case you ever come across their application, I advise you to decline. *"Removed by admin"

my accounts (Payoneer,Skrill and Local Bank Account)  are incative in payment mehtods even i have added 3 weeks ago please help me 😞 

Hi Muhammad Faisal,


I have checked your account and it looks like all the payment methods are active except for Skrill since it has been added today and will become active on October 29. The Get Paid button is currently greyed because you do not have any available balance to withdraw.

~ Valeria