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Awkward offer from client


I received awkward offer from one client. I don't know that person, just received Invitation to Interview.


He sent me contract for 2360usd and asked me, just to receive that money and send 1680usd to a person which he will tell me, as a crypto currency. So around 320usd would be mine just for few minute of work.


Sounds something like Money Laundering to me. So i didn't accepted contract, and contacted support week ago, but still no reply.


Is it against ToS of Upwork? or work is work?

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Hey Elmir,

This same thing has happened to me too. During the interview, the client invited me to join a Slack group. The other members in that slack group were all suspicious and so I was very careful. During the discussion, the client offered me $350 for a $50 job and asked me to return the remaining $300 through Paypal. He told me he is doing this so he and I can show a high-value contract in our profile. But I refused and instead offered to refund the remaining amount through Upwork itself. So he kicked e out of the group and instantly blocked me on Upwork. So now I am sure there was something fishy going on. I have noted the pattern and style of the job he posted and he is regularly posting such jobs. I think they are a group of people doing money laundering or something.

Tilak Patel

Tilak P wrote:

Hey Elmir,

During the interview, the client invited me to join a Slack group.

Communicating outside Upwork before a contract is in place is a violation of Upwork's Termes of Service all users agree to when they create an account. You should have declined the invitation to join the group.

It should have stopped at the first mention of Slack. You would have wasted less time. (Everything you describe is a ToS violation and can get you suspended.)

As Martina said, everything you did was a violation of the rules and can get you permanently banned from Upwork. Why did you break so many rules? Why do people continue to think they are going to game the system and get money for nothing? You purposely engaged in activities that are strictly forbidden because you thought you could get more money than you deserved.


I don't know why people feel so free to break rules and the law. Maybe they do that in the physical world as well. I guarantee you, that every time you think you are getting big bucks for a few seconds of illegal activities, you are gonna get burned.

So you would have helped out a scammer and happily gotten a fake job in your profile, if only the client had agreed to accept a refund via Upwork? It's difficult to tell whether there are more scamming freelancers than scamming clients these days.

I don't know why you use words like "client", "job", "contract". 


These are scammers.  There never was a job.  There is only your money they are trying to steal.

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This is not money laundering.


This is a person trying to steal money from YOU.

You we're talking to a scammer.


But in a sense, that doesn't matter.

Because exchanging funds outside of Upwork is a violation of Upwork TOS. If you are caught doing that, you could be suspended or permanently terminated from the platform.


A major reason you're not allowed to do that is because Upwork is trying to protect freelancers from being scammed.

Community Member

Do you really have to ask? I mean do you really? 

Sorry smart man, i mean, I am really sorry smart man

No real client with an actual job is going to give you hundreds of dollars for a few minutes of work. Not ever.

It becomes frustrating when freelancers continue to break the rules and then get scammed. We don't want that to happen. What is there to do when people don't go by the rules?


Honestly, why did you not know this "job" was a complete scam? Did you read the Terms of Service? There are three violations at a minimum. You are going to get scammed if you don't read the Terms of Service and follow them. It's fine to bring questions here. However, as a freelancer, you should already know the rules. Not only is this a scam, but it can also cost you your ability to work on Upwork.

Isn't that better to post this kind of threads here, to make some new freelancers to be aware of this kind of tricks ? frauds? and make Upwork team to ban them? in whos side you are? we need to be silent because of such a people like you , and let scammers try?


People like you , like Jeffrey B, you reply to this kind of threads to satisfy your ego? to show people how "smart" you are?


No it is not. There is an excellent post by Wes who describes all the common scams. There is the help section. There are the ToS. There is the academy. There are tons of tools that explain what you should never do. 

Your own experience is, though significant to you, not contributing anything that has not already been reported and discussed on the forum more times to count. 

This is why more experienced freelancers get exasparated when people come daily to the forum to talk about how they were scammed. It is so easily avoided. Finding the forum just a few days earlier, and reading just a little bit, would have kept you safe from scams. 

"isn't that better to post this kind of threads here, to make some new freelancers to be aware of this kind of tricks ? frauds? and make Upwork team to ban them?"


As Martina said, no.


Freelancers who follow the rules, usually don't get scammed. This scam violated so much of the Terms of Service that I'm not sure where to start. Upwork bans clients who only change fake names and return because they know there are more greedy people waiting to do anything for money instead of earning it.


"in whos side you are?"


Without meaning to sound cliche, I am on the side of truth. The truth is that Upwork has problems they need to solve. Your problem isn't one of them. Upwork as Christine said, has so much information on how to follow the rules and be a good freelancer, there is no excuse for violating the rules. You are not new here.  I'm amazed you haven't been scammed before.


For someone who claims to be a native or bilingual speaker of English - I see no evidence this is accurate from your profile. Are the three other languages you are fluent in the same? Your profile seems to be inaccurate.


I have no sympathy for freelancers who knowingly break the rules and then are outraged and demand Upwork save them. The scammers wouldn't be here if they didn't find so many people willing to break the rules for a big payoff for little or nothing.


"People like you , like Jeffrey B, you reply to this kind of thread to satisfy your ego? to show people how "smart" you are?"


Experienced freelancers post here to help others. I get no cheap thrills from posting here, and I'm quite certain the others do not as well. No one pays the freelancers, no one gives them brownie points, and they earn nothing. Some people will put in time and energy to help others without regard for compensation. That is what you see in this forum. I don't need to prove anything to anyone. I try to help where I can. However, you can't expect to post such blatant violations of basic rules and not expect people to respond honestly.

I am not smart...I just have common sense

Jeffrey B wrote:

I am not smart...I just have common sense

Common sense also dictates that if you're unclear about something, you should ask someone. That's what the forum is for. I think the reason people post questions like this is generally that they're looking for a reality check.

It doesn't really help anyone if all they get when they do that is a slapdown implying that they're stupid for even asking.

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Yes, its against several rules and the terms of service.  Its a scam.  Flag it and move on.

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  • this is not a "client" - it's a scammer
  • there never was a job on offer, it's a scam
  • there never was a "contract", it's a scam
  • the scammer is not money laundering (as others have said) - they are trying to rob you


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