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BEWARE: New Scam, SAFETY concerns for freelancers

Hi, I want to spread awareness of some method hackers use to compromise the security of freelancers. So out of nowhere, I suddenly receive an offer with a $15/hour rate. It was not an invitation for an interview, but a direct offer. I accepted it and we got into talking, it was kinda weird but I tried to converse with the client. See what he wants and if he wants to know anything about me. 


He told me some cursory stuff and that he'll send me a document with 10 projects and I just choose 1 of it to take care of. I agree and he sends me an email with a link to an app to download a .rar file. I followed his instructions, downloaded the .rar file, and decompressed it. 


In the file were some advertisement creative pics and a "word document". I didn't immediately click it. The whole thing was suspicious and my internals was BLARING. I asked a couple of questions and I eventually clicked it BUT it was blocked by my windows defender. Okay, so this is VERY SUSPICIOUS. I did what I SHOULD HAVE (cautious but still careless, I know) done before clicking it, checked its properties and it's a 1GB file. No document is 1 GB, even my dozens of pages worth of research paper isn't that heavy. 


What's worse is that this "Microsoft document" is a .exe file and according to properties, it was previously named "AdCrunch.exe". Did some research and found out that apparently, it's some sort of virus? 


I am so LUCKY for my windows defender. Although I believe that even without it, it would still have prompted my firewall and made me choose if I want to proceed and I would obviously have pressed no but still, I'm very grateful. I just want to spread awareness of these offers that are too good to be true because it usually is. 


I confronted the client, and he tried to pass it off as something that big companies do. That this is how they transfer files to prevent them from being compromised by rival companies. Funny, I know. I worked with companies before and they definitely do not do this lmao 


Aside from awareness, I'd also like the staff to act on this particular issue as well as make some actions to prevent something similar from happening to other freelancers. This is a REAL THREAT that compromises the safety of freelancers. 

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Not new but not too ordinary.

You can send it here to identify kind of virus you received. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/home/upload

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Not new at all and anyone with some common sense wouldn't even accept an offer without talking to the client first.

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