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Alicia G Member Since: Jan 14, 2014
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Hi everyone, I just want you to be aware of this person. He posted a job application, and since this is my first time to try and search for jobs, his was one of the many I applied for. I am a Content Writer, and was pleasantly surprised when he sent me a message, asking about my rate and how many articles I can compose daily for his website. We even spoke via Skype and from there exchanged e-mails regarding our agreement. I was a bit confused because I had to be the one who raised the matter of compensation. I asked if I would be paid every two weeks, and how. He said Western Union or PayPal, so I agreed. He said he was going to pay me at the end of the month. He is VERY insistent -- he would e-mail, and when I wouldn't reply fast (because of duties at home) he'd send four consecutive e-mails in a row, ("hey" "where are you") and he would even say "you're not fair" just because I wouldn't reply fast. That in itself already sort of irritated me. What sort of person would do that? It's not as if I made him wait for HOURS or DAYS before replying. He now owes me $126. He said he would send it on the 15th of this month. I waited the entire day, no e-mail. The following day I e-mailed him again, and he said he would send it after work, which HE DIDN'T. Up to now he hasn't paid me. And he is not replying, through G-Mail, Skype, or O-Desk. By the way, he keeps saying "I am honest" "I am with Allah" "I will not cheat" blah blah. Oh, but he DID. PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS USER. HE IS A LIAR. HE DOES NOT PAY. His e-mail address is ** *"Removed by admin"
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Doreen M Member Since: Mar 17, 2008
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And YOU have violated the terms of service by agreeing to be paid outside of oDesk. Does anyone bother to read the agreement with oDesk before they get scammed? Probably NOT in most cases. You fell for a classic: I'm not going to hire you but if you write my work for me I'll pay you later for the work ... seriously? Read the Terms of Service before you accept any other fake jobs.
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Reynaldo M Member Since: Aug 4, 2012
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Alicia, Though I sympathize with your experience, Doreen is right pointing out that you violated oDesk TOS by accepting payment outside oDesk. And that can get your account here suspended if not kick out. You should have read the T.O.S. As it stand, your not blameless in the predicament your in.
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Ayesha S Member Since: Nov 22, 2009
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Hi Alicia, Accepting payments out of oDesk is called Disintermediation and it can get you permanently banned. Please report the client to Customer Support so that appropriate action can be taken against them.
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Olivier P Member Since: Dec 28, 2011
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hi whatever you violated, this person is a crook, and should be sent to hell by Odesk
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Rico E Member Since: Aug 15, 2010
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Hi Alicia, I see that you're a well-meaning individual and may have committed a "grave" offense which you didn't intend to do. Our colleagues here have mentioned TOC enough, so I will no longer piggy-back on that. You may want to discuss with Ayesha the course of action you can take so that you wouldn't be totally banned on oDesk. Also, if I may, I looked at the job posts you applied to and observed that some were posted a few months back. You may want to withdraw these applications so that you don't need to wait for a week for your application quota to refresh. This clients may just have forgotten to close the post or have totally moved on. Secondly, I advise you not to apply to posts where the payment method of the client is not verified, no matter how enticing the job offer is. That usually is a warning sign for clients who really have no intention to pay. Hope this helps. Best of luck to your freelancing career! Cheers!