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BPO set up to Freelance

I've been working for more or less 10 years in a BPO set up here in the Philippines, handled various accounts and been working for different companies. 

From Techinical Support to Customer Care super agent as they call it to Sales then handling financial accounts as a phone banker. 

As I do my research freelance work and BPO set up is quite similar in some way as what are task, goals and objectives.


Some of difference between this two Freelance doesn't need to travel and be onsite could be time saving and you can be more efficient in focusing on your task or work. 


I created this upwork profile for quite sometime now but haven't pursue applying before and as this pandemic happen ,it made me realize that I coule be in the same line of work or I can even more staying at home with my family. 


I really hope that maybe one day I can have my own client that can see my potential and flexibility. I dont have any track record here but I know I have a lot to offer. 


If only there would be a company or a client that could take a chance on me to see my potential,my skills and could benefit on my previous experience in a BPO set up that I can share and bring into there table. 


As a Freelancer it is necessary to invest in you device like laptop, fast internet connection and knowledge to discover things ,work on things and resolve on your own because freelancing job give you good pay but limited supervision and guide. You need to be innovative,creative and you need to learn things on your own because most of the time your on your own . 


I appreciate the criticism  as I learn from it and advice on how I can pursue my career here. 


Glad you read this far , I hope we can collaborate for more beneficial thoughts. 



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