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BYE BYE odesk

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B B Z GH Z Member Since: Oct 28, 2012
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 Odeks has gone from bad to worse place for free lancers , its basicaly become useless .


handling long term members like me in bad way , and ignoring requests , by not handling the informations properly basicaly helping people to do criminal activities such as card frauds , its redicolus and its shamefull for odesk .


i will not return to odesk and will go to any other sites some offer free lancer works so from me is BYE BYE odesk

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Garnor M Member Since: Oct 29, 2014
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I'm sorry to hear you've had a bad experience as of late Benny. I can assure you we value experienced users who continue to do great work. Yes, we've done more recently to enforce our guidelines around quality and performance, but this is for the betterment of the marketplace as large. 


I can also assure you we do not in any way want to see any type of fraud here on the platform. We have a team dedicated to combatting fraud and catching anyone doing this damaging activity on oDesk.

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B B Z GH Z Member Since: Oct 28, 2012
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Hi Garnor


I have been meet with oposite of all you saying on odesk past 2 weeks


ALl has been unpleasent , unproffessional , unfaire and incorect , I have got all my rights violated by odesk staff , been told lies , not handling issues correctly .


Having said above , I have been forced to ask my current active clients to hire me on other free lancer sites , basically I have now lost all my trust on odesk being faire or good place for work.


I will forward the things happen to me to anyone I know on facebook or other social media , as I think odesk is no longer a good place for the above said reasons.


But thanks for trying.



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Kim R Member Since: Apr 14, 2013
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I agree there is a lot of dubious projects posted on oDesk. Just from the title or descritption, you can often see it involves illegal or untethical practices such as

- CPATHCA bypass

- scanning for expired URLS

- cloning of ecommerce or general web sites

- password breaking.


Yes, there is a reporting and flagging mechanism. But I have foud it take a long time to get the jobs removed, or my report is somtimes ignored. Scammers seem to like to post jobs late on Sunday, when perhaps less moderation occurs.


The constant trend to very low price jobs seems to  attracts the more unsavory type of cleints to this site. I think it's the same in competitor job sites too, unfortunatley.

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B B Z GH Z Member Since: Oct 28, 2012
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Hi Dear Kim


The problems are mostly about how odesk staff dealing with cases , they are pretty LOW quality respond , telling lie about when a case will be deal with , handling regular long terms members like myself , as I have 2 different accounts ,one account I hire people ,and one I work for clients , and my wife and several many good freinds of me who started using odesk because I recomended, I have been loyal hard working member with good reviews past 4 years , Untill now ... because i took job with wrong client, because I refused leting client pay salary outside odesk as its against odesk rules, and because the client was involved in high fraud activities , and I got this into big problems for myself only.


I am VERY disapointed how odesk handled this issues , I have moved on and got all client to hire me on other free lancer sites / ( which are MANY other sites offering same services as odesk ,called competitions) and client are happy / extreemly happy with all job i do, exeption being this scum bag who I took part time work with and we are into all types of disputes now and odesk not doing what they must I have lost all trust that odesk being a good or worthy place for work.


I have informed all people I know about my situation and how I have been let down by odesk .


Having said that , I have now decided to move on , and odesk is no longer place I would work with now or in future.


sadly, but everything have end.


good Luck you all.

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Krisztina U Member Since: Aug 7, 2009
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You are aware that if what you say is true, you getting your existing clients to hire you on another platform, you just got your clients in quite a bit of trouble, right? It's called disintermediation and against the TOS.

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Margaret P Member Since: Jul 7, 2007
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Actually Benny, you have 5 feebacks that are pretty bad, besides that one horrible one at the top. And the replies that you left to all of them are quite unprofessional. I can see why you are leaving oDesk, That profile is ruined.

Also, are you really allowed to have 2 profiles/accounts as you claim? I thought that was not allowed here; also you are not allowed to take your clients off this site without paying a hefty fee so you may expect a bill from oDesk.

Anyway, hope you do better on the next site you go to and hopefully do a better job for your clients.


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Vijay K Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Margaret,


As you mentioned that Benny is having negative feedback, that can be the reason. I have one query for you. I am working on oDesk since last 4 years, worked more than 4500 hours and always had 5 stars.  Here is my profile link :


Can you review my profile and can see what is the reason my account also get closed ?


I initiated one thread already, but when I checked your response then I want your input on this as well :


Please let me know your thoughts.


Thanks & Regards,


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Kevin S Member Since: Nov 16, 2014
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You would think if there are misunderstandings with a well experienced tech like this guy, you guys would intervene to normalize the situation.


Calm the client, make right with the client, and straighten things with your man. I don't think many of these guys are trained to handle extreme customer care situations. It's better they spend their time doing what they know best.


You are in the business of managing a site like this one know bbetter. I would assume there are processes in place to handle predictable situations like this.



Just my thought..




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Henry O Member Since: Feb 22, 2014
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Here is a line from a job posted on 28th October.
"This is a contest so you should submit a draft first (use watermark if you don't trust me) My only request is do not submit your design with some minutes after posting this. Take your time and design best one."

Zero feedback, "Payment Method Not Verified". The deadline was for Nov. 1, and that's also when that person logged in last. Basically this is the oldest trick of how some people gather free ideas, nothing new about it, right?
And if that's not enough, he has posted 2 gigs for that exact same work. And they are still both up and running. I also contacted the customer support, and "they are investigating it". Investigate what?
If I flag something like that on Elance, it's usually taken down in a matter of minutes. But here on odesk I see similar job posts again and again, and in most cases nothing happens to them.

Clearly the person investigating scams and frauds on odesk, is not competent for that job. It's only one small example of what happens here every day. You are losing potentially good freelancers because of that.