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BYE BYE odesk

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Jerameel M Member Since: Oct 15, 2011
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Hi Benny,


For me, Odesk Customer Service is really doing great on their job. I have many inquiries lately and they just did supported me and gave me all details regarding some issues.

I have a problem also that my profile was not showing on search or even on applicant lists but I am still confident that Odesk I.T, can fix the issue and I know they can. We just need to wait, follow the rules and respect each other to make this platfom a great place to work with. If you have some problems, you can contact them or set up a meeting.

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william b Member Since: Jan 3, 2015
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As a dedicated oDesk contractor of over 5 years I can say that scammers abound on oDesk with minimal regulation. As a contractor you just have to learn how to avoid them (flagging seems to have no little to no effect as the same posts pop up like weeds) and make your own way to the reputable clients through trial and error.

In my experience the oDesk "Support" team is either willfully incompetent or just completely ill-equipped to do any sort of responsible job. I've spent hours playing "pass-the-buck" with these anonymous (part of the problem undoubtedly) staff "helpers" until I've just given up after they've arbitrarily announced the issue as "solved".


Review all client history thoroughly before engaging and stay vigilant to fraud/scams or the continual "free/trial sample" requests. With diligent practice you can spot these frauds from a mile away and save yourself time.


The oDesk Support team? Best of luck to you.

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Edward V Member Since: Nov 7, 2014
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Oh, this is my first time to look at oDesk Forum and now I feel that I am not the only one who treated the way you treated. There's a misbalance between contractors and clients treatment at oDesk system.


It is just a matter of logically thinking on how to balance things. They need to hire really good analyst. Well I am an IT Expert by profession and did analysis from daily baisis. I found out that there are many loop holes going on at oDesk. Many bogus accounts of clients, fraud credit card so on and forth.


Giving the benefit of the doubt oDesk staff our doing their best but they need to be more proactive to review all of the complaints then make a thorough analysis which is true bogus and not. Sometimes they are basing from flagging without further notice and giving a doubt those who flagged by clients were tripping a lot.


It's not too late to make the sytem change. oDesk had good programmers and engineers by analyst they failed.

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Gabriele D Member Since: Jan 31, 2014
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I have found ODesk by googling, but had to realise that professionals in my field would never consider looking for work here. I realised that the rates clients expect and are prepared to pay would never cover living expenses - this is anything but professional and there seems to be always someone who will do jobs for even less.


Is that happening in all fields, e.g. engineering, computing, law ... or is it just translators and similar who are treated like low skilled monkeys?

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Suzanne N Member Since: Aug 15, 2012
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Gabriele D,


I think it unfair to say that no one could make a living here.There are many people on Odesk making a living and doing fairly well. I get my bills paid monthly so do many others I am sure. 


Yes there are a lot of jobs that pay low, but there are also a lot of companies willing to pay for better freelancers as well. So, to say no one could make a living working here is wrong.



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Nick M Member Since: Jul 12, 2011
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I find the support i receive to be VERY hit and miss, it totally depends on the person i end up speaking to on the day. There definitely needs to be more consistency in the support given to freelancers - i sometimes feel as though it's aking to the old Paypal style resolutions... Basically they always favour the buyer and in this case, on oDesk, we would be the 'sellers'.


With that said, 80% of the time the customer service is fantastic and these people are those that need to continue doing what they do. The biggest problem i've ever had on oDesk, which to be honest wasn't a massive issue but very annoying none the less was when i received no payment from client and bad feedback, yet there is a chat history in my messages that suggest he was AMAZINGLY happy with the work and was waiting to be paid in a few days time in order to make the final payment - of course, i did the work and he ended the contract once i did everything he wanted.


In cases like this, why doesn't oDesk do a little more to investigate these things? It's very clear cut; in my message history, client was over the moon with the work etc but instead leaves bad feedback and doesn't pay - surely oDesk should do something i.e. suspend his account, or modify the feedback that is essentially a PROVEN LIE.


Very odd. But none the less, oDesk is by far the best website out there for freelancers and contractors alike.

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Yuriy P Member Since: May 29, 2013
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Aye, got the same situation. The client was happy (at least wrote so in the messages) but left negative feedback. Paid though, but that feedback still pesters my scoreSmiley Happy


I don't see why they don't want to mediate on fixed-price contracts, at least leave this possibility in certain clear cases.

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Junelle A Member Since: May 31, 2009
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Kevin, i'm sorry for your experience. i'm not saying i condone the erring freelancer's actions, but you have to admit it does pay to read and understand the site's TOS every time, especially where money's involved.

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain." - Maya Angelou
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Yuriy P Member Since: May 29, 2013
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I confirm bad experience with oDesk support.


First they disable my photo because it's “unprofessional”, I've flagged a whole bunch of equally “unprofessional” photos and they were still in existance after several months.

I've flagged several clients who were constantly spamming the same job (one even with contact details) — no reaction.

The flags are just ignored. They do something only when I write a support request. But if they really want it to make a better place, they shouldn't rely on support requests which simply take more time to write and people don't bother to write them, while flagging is easy and fast.


There are plenty of assignment and homework tasks — not the thing to anticipate on the “professional” site, encouraging frauds.

The understanding of what is professional and what is not is highly subjective, and you may get suspended for usual things they consider “unprofessional”, even when not violating TOS. In short, it doesn't add to a trust, knowing that some despot from support may ruin your investments here for nothing.

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Heather G Member Since: Jun 24, 2014
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I, as well as some others, have now become one of the members who is "being warned" about performing under quality work. I carry a 4.94 rating. Have only had one person give me less than five stars. And that was still over 4 stars. Nothing but great feedback from clients. Now they are emailing threatening to suspend or close me because I am not performing up to expectations. They will not give me a reason. They are telling me to answer clients asap etc, etc.

In my feedback my clients say how fast I respond, how great my work is. Is this how Odesk is going to "weed the herd" of the freelancers they don't want? This is my main source of income and I feel like I've just wasted all this time here trying to maintain an excellent work history. I try to contact support and they send prefab emails that don't answer the questions.

Thanks Odesk for making us hard workers feel like we don't measure up to your oh-so-high standards...if only you made sure clients were up to the same level you want your freelancers to be.