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Re: Back to Upwork after a hiatus but not receiving any response from clients

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Tiffany S Member Since: Jan 15, 2016
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@DJ B wrote:

What typos were those? I was looking for them but didn't see any. What am I missing?

 "I am freelance writer"

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DJ B Member Since: Feb 23, 2018
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Ahh, thanks. That's why I'm not an editor. Smiley Happy

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John A Member Since: Feb 20, 2018
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My own perspective. You disgreeing ?Smiley Surprised

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Jennifer R Member Since: Sep 15, 2017
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Unless you are going to continue working for the client with the open job I would close it. Open jobs without activities damage your JSS. The other jobs will not go into your JSS calculation since they hppend more than 2 years ago.


I have the feeling UW is very quiet at the moment but you also have a lot of quality jobs. Like the others wrote, keep trying. Do some small jobs and apply for proofreading as well. Just do not waste your connects all in one day.

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Kevin H Member Since: Mar 5, 2018
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Thanks for the reply, Jennifer. It's great to hear that the older jobs are not affecting my JSS. I will sort out that business with the open contract and then buckle up for some serious proposals!

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Tonya P Member Since: Nov 26, 2015
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The reviews aren't doing you any favors. Since your past work is so old, you should consider yourself starting at zero. You are fortunate that you had an existing account. The ratio of freelancers to clients is currently so high that you might not have been accepted if you signed up today.  


So, you are facing fierce competition from freelancers who are already established and have a good score. I would focus on creating profile summary that grabs people with the first line (and headline) and adding more portfolio items that show what you can do. I attached a prepared document featuring my work to each of my proposals. Consider putting something together that tells more about your skills than your Upwork work history permits.

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Tiffany S Member Since: Jan 15, 2016
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It's likely just the increase in competition since you were here last. Upwork has grown fast over the past few years, and now has hundreds of thousands of writers and editors competing for the jobs listed--there are many, many more candidates than there are jobs.


One thing you may consider to give yourself an edge is to drop the "adaptable" and cultivate a very specific niche. With hundreds of thousands of generalist writers, it's hard to compete--put yourself into a more narrow niche and it becomes much easier.