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Re: Bad Client history

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Will L wrote:

"We exclude (from a freelancer's JSS calculation) clients whose freelancers report a history of unreasonable feedback so their scores won't count against you, but that may mean it takes longer to receive your initial score.”


So, if freelancers don't complain about a particular client's feedback (s)he's home free with continued "egregious" feedback for their future freelancers.


I'm not sure how freelancers can make such complaints. D

It may help to use the official version which doesn't include anything to do with "reporting" or "making complaints". The process is automated.


The official version is: 


  • We understand that some projects have bad outcomes because the client is difficult to work with. So we track freelancer feedback of clients and flag those clients with a history of poor collaboration. If one of your clients has been flagged (or has been suspended for Terms of Service violations), then the client's feedback will not count against your score.


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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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This is kinda like in Florida where there are signs "Don't feed the alligators" and people feed the alligators and then they get bit by an alligator and then they are all "wow omg why are people allowed to feed the alligators" and you're like "you're feeding an *alligator*. But in your case the alligator gave you bad feedback and you gave the alligator who just bit you good feedback and everyone in the room just wonders if they lost brain cells listening to your story.

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Robert Y Member Since: Aug 25, 2017
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Client with 3.5/5 average rating.


Saltwater crocodile with mouth open

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Adil K wrote:

When I I saw client rating his rating is 3.5/5. He has poor rating. , He has bad history. 

The client's history is clearly displayed to freelancers so they can look at it and make an informed decision whether to accept a contract or not. The obvious decision is not to accept the contract from such a client, in much the way as it is the right decision not to jump into the jaws of the crocodile.

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Adil K Member Since: Jun 27, 2021
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I understand that. Now I look everytime client history and past feedbacks with other freelancers. On basis of that I apply proposals and accept offers.

But that time i was pretty new and rising talent. Well I learnt from this mistake

Thanks everyone for good information and advices