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Bad Client



I have been working for this client of mine since OCT, 2017. I am actually still new to Upwork after having my account reactivated SEPT.


I had taken a task 16 Jan - 21 Jan and the task was well completed and acknowledged by him. I told him to go ahead with payment and requested he paid in two phases. I had already earned $385, so I told him to pay $115 after which Upwork will reduce my service fee to 5% then He could go ahead with the remaining $285 after that but he suggested he paid with PayPal saying that would relieve me of the first %20 fee. 


I accepted but told him my country doesn't have access to PayPal only if He would send by MoneyGram to my direct bank account which he complied to do the following Monday.


Monday already but he came up with an excuse that Canada has snow and no one could go out, well he is a long time client and so I had no reason to doubt him, two weeks later he is still yet to make payment then I told him I could get my uncles PayPal in the US to send the money which He said he is gonna do in the next 24hours after receiving the email address. 2 days he was still yet to make payment so I told him to make payment via Upwork and forget using PayPal.


He didn't respond thereafter, I sent him series of messages but he wouldn't reply. 3days ago an incident occurred, a friend of mine had my Upwork login details and went ahead to login into my client FTP and made some changes to two files.


I got a text from my client saying something was wrong with the website I told him I was going to look into and I did, I got to know some parts had been commented out some of the HTML  codes and I told him I found the problem and was going to fix it right away. I tried logging into FTP and was getting access denied, I contacted him lamented him not trusting me and requested why he never told me he changed the FTP password.


He said he has been sick and was going to message me later in the day when He got home from the hospital.


A few hours later, He texted me saying he was going to launch an investigation into what had happened by this time I had sent him the fix by upwork file upload but he told me restored backup.


Not quite long he told me the changes came from my machine that the files were re-uploaded 3days ago from my machine, I didn't want to argue so I told him I was going to look into that. I came clean to him stating I have some else that has my login details and possibilities that He made the changes to get even with me and that I didn't do it voluntarily and ready to take blames. He responded saying he doesn't take sorry and that He has contact Upwork and was told to close the contract.


I was first amazed and suggested he files a dispute and not close the contract but he was bent on doing so, I told him to do as instructed but told him about my outstanding payments. He said and I quote " NO MILESTONE FROM ME" so I don't owe you. I was amused He said something of such, instantly I knew I just got myself into a big mess then I told him why my friend did so and was ready to be fired but I should be paid my outstanding payments.


He was bent on me admitting I did it to get his attention and I told him I didn't do that but ready to take blames. He wasn't ready to listen to me. I BEGGED him for the money I worked for( kinda weird though, but I had no choice).


He still went ahead to close the contract and left me a review "



why would he do that after not paying me? He labelled me a "SCAMMER"  wow, that is a lot there cause I never scammed him of anything. I didn't run away with the money He did and went away with my job he admitted I did exceptionally well.


Am not even interested in begging for the money any longer so I left him series of messages lamenting how badly I felt about his behaviour and if he had come out clean to pay my money in the first place none of this would have happened after which he closed our conversation room.


Lest I forgot, it isn't my first begging him to pay for a job I did but I still stuck to him after all.


 I had submitted over 15 proposals recently but none got back to me, I decided to view my profile that was when I noticed it was the feedback that was making clients avoid me and I have enabled client's feedback change but I doubt if he is ever gonna do that. "He said he has no heart feeling for me so why would he care after all.


All I want is the feedback removed and nothing more, for now, even though he violated me by spelling me a SCAM. 


It is very clear I might never land another job again on Upwork if the feedback doesn't get removed. Being from a country that has international trust issues "Nigeria".


I have screenshots of out messages and ready to post them here if I won't be violating any rights.


Hi Joshua,


Thank you for sharing your concern and I am sorry to hear about this problem.


I see there's an open ticket already and that one of out team members will reach out to you with further information about your case by that same mean.



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